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Here you can see movie clips of some of the best effects in magic, often performed by the originator. Some of the clips may take a while to download, but believe us when we tell you it's worth the wait!
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A Fish Called Cousteau by Mago Anton

A.E. by Peter Eggink

Alchemy in Egypt by Anton Corradin

Alien Illusion by Anton Corradin

Amazing Briefcase by Anton Corradin

Animated Card Thru Balloon

Animated Sphere by Tommy Wonder & Losander


Ball and Chain by Wladimir


Billy McComb Slow Motion Bird Cage Vanish



Brad Manuel's Cue Card

Brent Braun's Torched & Restored

Butter Coin

Card Penetration by Wladimir

Cardiograph by Wayne Dobson

Cardiographic (Comic Magician Mike Giusti performing on Carnival Cruise Lines)

Cardiologist Deck by Tomas Medina

Cesaral Rocket Bottle

Charming Chinese Challenge

Children's Magic DVD by Terry Herbert

Christopher Brent's Flying Silk

Cigarette Up The Nose

Coin Flux 2

Coin Patriot DVD

Coin Press

Color Fusion


Cream by Sean Fields

Crystal Gazing by Martin Lewis

Cultural XChange Excerpts

Cyber Card

David Regal's Sudden Deck

Dean's Box Clip 1

Dean's Box Clip 2

Dean's Box Clip 3

Devil's Reflection by Peter Loughran

Doug Malloy's Ring N' Wallet Clip 1

Doug Malloy's Ring N' Wallet Clip 2


Elevator by Peter Loughran

Enigma by Nicholas Night

Exit51 by Ben Harris

Explosion by Dean Dill

Extreme Korn & Radical Korn DVDs

Faster Than the Eye

Fish Appear by George Murray

Flea Circus Kit by Walt Noon

Flip by Wayne Dobson

Free Fall

Fractured by Peter Loughran


Gaft Card Magic

Generation X

Ghost Writer

The Gift by Anton Corradin

Got It Covered


Happy Hour by Erez Moshe

Head Buster by Anton Corradin, Part 1

Head Buster by Anton Corradin, Part 2

Heartbeat by Mark Mason

Heavy Hitters DVD by Brian Geer

Henry Evans' Fusion Card

Henry Evans' Impossible Penetration

Hip Pocket Card to Wallet by Doug Malloy

Hole Sensation


Impossible Twist

Inexhaustable Sponge

Instant Magician Clip 1

Instant Magician Clip 2


Iron Garrote by Peter Loughran

John Calvert's Casper Clip 1

John Calvert's Casper Clip 2

John Calvert's Casper Clip 3

John Calvert's Spirit Cabinet

Juan Pablo's Bottle Production

Juan Pablo's Roped

Just Passin' Thru

Kandu's Knot Funny, Part 1

Kandu's Knot Funny, Part 2

Kandu's Knot Funny, Part 3

Kevin James' Snow Animator III

Key Melt by Keith Lack

Laser Thru Balloon

Lemon Game by Doug Malloy

Losander's Dancing Broom

Losander's Dancing Candlestick

Losander's Dancing Wand

Losander's Deluxe Floating Table

Losander's Deluxe Floating Table Clip 2

Losander's Ultimate Dancing Cane

Losander's Ultimate Floating Table

Losander's Zombie

Lotto Vision

Lounge Suspension by Anton Corradin

Magic Stick

Magician's Nightmare

MatriXtreme by Shawn Farquhar

Meeting Point

Mental Card Cube Mystery

Mental Ice Breaker

Meteor Paddle

Mexican Revolution by Fenik

Mind Mysteries by Richard Osterlind

MindLeaper by Aaron Smith

Mysterious Catch by Erez Moshe

Ninja Rings by Shoot Ogawa

Optical Ropes


Perrier With a Twist

Peter Marvey's Card Thru Window

Phantom of the Wallet



Prediction by Mago Anton

Pro Viper

Psychic Shopper by Mark Thorold

Psycho-Straw by Phanthomas

Pyro Perception

Quadropelets by Hen Fetsch

Quarterstick by Cosmo

Resurrexion by Nigel Harrison

Rich Marotta's Fishbowl Production

Richard Sanders' Slow Burn

Richard Sanders' Visi-Bill

Robert Baxt Better Newspaper Tear

Samurai Sword Penetration

School for Scoundrels Trade Show Shells

Scott Alexander DVDs



Sidewalk Shuffle

Silver Bullet Clip One

Silver Bullet Clip Two

Silver Shifter by Keith Arlen Lack & Steve Brooks

Spectral Ouija Board by Mago Anton

Spooked by Nicholas Einhorn

Stained Glass

Stealing the Show DVD

Super Sharpie


Tail of the Ring

Tape Measure Card by Mago Anton, Part 1

Tape Measure Card by Mago Anton, Part 2

Technicolor Prediction


The Spring by Mago Anton

Tie Pin Card Stab

Time Machine Watch

Tony Clark's Coins To Cash

Tony Clark's Comedy Climax Card Castle

Torn by Daniel Garcia


Ulti Ring Flight

Ulysses' Coins by Mago Anton

Undivided (T & R Cigarette Paper)

Venus by Anton Corradin

Very Wild by Boris Wild

VolcanoBall by the Raspyni Brothers

Wild Card Deck by Brian Geer

WindowMation by Sean Bogunia

Wizard School by Andrew Mayne

Your Card by Peter Eggink

Zombie Bird Cage

Zone Zero

Zupan's Professional Money Machine, Part 1

Zupan's Professional Money Machine, Part 2

Zupan's Professional Money Machine, Part 3

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