Wayne Houchin has created one of the most recognizable brands within the magic community. He brought his unique style of close-up magic to the hit national television show " Criss Angel: Mindfreak" and his original magic releases (The Quarter Through Soda Can, Stigmata, Ultragaff, Control, Indecent, and Thread) have all become international best-sellers.

He is one of the key performers and teachers on Paul Harris's "True Astonishment's" DVD set, and he helped start Theory11.com along with Chris Kenner, Lee Asher, Aaron Fisher and many others. He has made headlines for predicting the exact outcome of the Super Bowl and he is a regular performer at The Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

Young, ambitious and charismatic, Houchin has never stopped pushing himself. At age 16, he made
national headlines for escaping from a regulation straightjacket while hanging upside-down 50 feet in the air over a blocked off intersection packed with thousands of people. Gimmicked straightjackets can be purchased from magic distributors all over the world. Houchin wasn't interested. He trained for months in preparation for the escape and it paid off, cementing him in the mind of his fellow Chico, CA. residents for a decade to come.

A few years and a handful of critically acclaimed theatre shows later, he found himself on the front page again, this time for accurately predicting the exact outcome of the Patriots upset over the Rams in Super Bowl XXXVI. Next it was being blindfolded with duct tape and driving safely down Highway 99 at 65mph for Synthesis Magazine. And in between all the publicity, Houchin spent his time developing his own effects and perfecting them in front of audiences across the country.

In 2003, an underground tape of Wayne's original magic found its way into the hands of Banachek, one of the world's foremost mentalists, who immediately recognized its potential. It wasn't long before the two became friends. So, when Banachek was hired as a consultant for the A&E series "Criss Angel: Mindfreak" and was asked if he knew of any underground creative minds, one name stood out.
Houchin came on board, agreed to allow a few of his original pieces of magic to be performed on the show and subsequently shot a DVD of his impromptu signed quarter through soda can, Sinful, with Angel. The DVD was an instant hit and was hailed largely as one of the best effects to be released that year.

Throughout this 3 hour event Wayne Houchin will perform and teach a selection of his favorite pieces of powerful magic, including unpublished material. Character development, goal setting, and the art of success including Why Magicians Fail will also be discussed.

WHEN: Monday, April 13 at 7:00 PM

WHERE: Hocus Pocus 1492 N. Clark #104 Fresno, CA. 93703

COST: $15.00 in advance, $20.00 at the door

To make reservations by credit card or for further information call toll-free (800) 407-4040 or 559-266-5150.