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Just check out all the magic goodness we have in store for you:

1)       HARAKHAN LIT TORCH TO CANE.  Recently acquired from a private collector in unused condition! Harakhan products are rare and hard to find. They are sought after by top professionals and collectors alike. Imagine walking on stage with a flaming torch when it visibly changes into a walking cane! This item is visible on our website. $250.00

2)       WACKY WEASEL BY WOLF’S MAGIC. This is an ACTION PACKED routine by Arthur Atsma and Chance Wolf and is guaranteed to bring fun and laughter to both adults and children. Please note that the ENTIRE SYSTEM is completely MECHANICAL as NO BATTERIES are required (excluding sound chip). In the tradition of the time-tested Jack Hughes Snake Basket, all the animations are operated BY HAND as you hold the box. Each trigger mechanism is positioned in a natural location with MINIMAL hand movement if any at all. Ready to perform, in complete confidence, at ANY TIME! Visit our website for more information on the Wacky Weasel. $895.00

3)       HAUNTED CHIMNEYS.  Rice / Silk King Studios.  The classic and complete apparatus for producing mountains of silk.  Two metal tubes shown empty, nested and the production begins.  Not a phantom tube…not a ghost tube…not a genii tube….no mirrors….no body loads….no hanging loads….a methodology unique to this effect as originally issued by the famed Silk King Studios of Cincinnati, Ohio.  All the pieces and parts are here…including original instructions and routine in the original box.  Overall, everything is in fine shape considering age.  A squirt of Windex would bring the cylinders to their original glory….there are not dents, dings, etc.  Truly rare in this complete condition.  Near mint.  $225.

4)       JUMBO FIND THE LADY.  Abbott.  Unquestionably one of the finest and most well-made versions of the eternal 3-Card Monte….done in JUMBO size.  All three cards are gaffed to show either the Queen of Hearts or the Jack of Spades at any position and at any time during the routine.  Full color silk-screen work.  Sliding panels are smooth, easy and quiet.  Normally, this set came with a wooden carrying case, which is not included and the price reflects this.  Scarce and mint.  $65.

5)       HATHAWARY HANDKERCHIEF CABINET.  Abbott.  Arguably, one of the most puzzling methods for cutting and restoring a borrowed handkerchief ever conceived.  Borrow a white pocket handkerchief and place it into an open-front chest….both ends of the handkerchief extend through holes in the end of the chest and remain in full view.  Openly cut out the center of the handkerchief, remove it from the chest and burn or vanish it.  The handkerchief restores in no time and is returned to its owner.  Chances are this methodology is so old that it’s new, and it certainly is practical and effective.  Beautifully lacquered chest in red, black and gold in vintage Abbott style.  Mint.  $100.

6)       CLEAR-VUE DRAWER BOX.  Custom.  Bigger than most….this one is about the size of a large shoe box, with cut-out wooden fretwork on one side, allowing a “clear view” into the outer casing once the inner drawer is removed.  Slide out the drawer, show it empty, slide it back into the case and a mammoth production ensues.  Load space is fully the size of the props itself, making for an unusually large production capacity.   All wood construction, finished in red, blue and gold.  $150.

7)       MICRO SHARK CHOPPER. Acquired from a private collector comes this beautiful piece of micro magic.
The magician tells a humorous tale of mankind's worst feared enemy...the SHARK. "Chomper IS REVEALED". The man eating...err...FINGER eating Shark. The spectator is asked to lend a hand, well a finger, in the following demonstration. The teeth are passed out for examination to prove they are solid (dorsal fin and teeth are all one piece). The spectator places his finger in the hole protruding above Chomper's lower jaw/bag. After a bit of comical byplay the spectator chicken's out and the magician offers to demonstrate Chomper's devastating powers on himself. Magician places his finger in the hole; the teeth are THRUST DOWN AND MAGICIAN'S FINGER TIP IS SEEN TO DROP INTO CHOMPER'S LOWER JAW. Magician's Finger tip is restored in a comical series of moves and Chomper lives to CHOMP AGAIN. You may use spectator’s finger as well at your own risk. A high quality prop as you would expect from Wolf's Magic. Hand silk screened graphics and aluminum construction. Comes with Shark Chomper, Stand, Black Velvet Carrying Case, Complete Routine and Instructions. Dimensions: Dimensions: 7" T x 3" W x 1/2" D. See it on our website. $119.95

8)       CLASSIC BANG GUN.  Abbott.  This is the really good one….the one that’s big enough to be seen a mile away!  7” long barrel doubles its length to reveal white banner, trimmed in red, with the word, BANG emblazoned in bold, black letters.  Some very minor fraying to silk, and could use just a bit of black touch up on the handle….otherwise, great.  No dings or dents to barrel and spring action is like new.  Very rare and near mint.  $75.

9)       NEST OF CLOCKS.  Morrissey.  Nest of five gleaming alarm clocks which nest into a small bundle to be produced from hat, silks, etc.  No nicks or dents; we don’t think these were ever used.  Precision spun polished aluminum bodies with “bells” and the clocks are interchangeable.  Mint. $40.

10)   PHARAOH’S CURSE BY ALAN WARNER. Three solid wooden tablets (each approx. 0.6 cm thick) are tipped out of a box and freely displayed by the performer. Two of the tablets are plain on both sides, but the third bears the symbol of the sacred Egyptian scarab.  The empty box is then given to a spectator from the audience and once again, the performer draws attention to the scarab on the tablet. BUT SUDDENLY, ON SEPARATING THE TABLETS, IT IS SEEN THAT THE SCARAB HAS DISAPPEARED, LEAVING AN OBLONG HOLE RIGHT THROUGH THE MIDDLE OF THE TABLET! The spectator, on being invited to open the box, finds that the mixing oblong piece of wood with the scarab symbol on it has returned to the box.
The box (approx. 9 x 6.7 x 4.5 cm) is made in solid teak. The lid is tastefully decorated with a traditional Egyptian symbol which has been handcrafted in shim brass. The natural wood tablets are finished in a veneer; and the hand-painted scarab is in matt black and red enamel. Complete with a detailed routine including the fascinating story of the legend of the Pharaoh's Curse. The apparatus is a delight to handle, and with Alan Warner's improved method of working, simplicity itself to perform and a magnificent example of true craftsmanship. See it on our website. $195.

11)   THIN MODEL SAWING ILLUSION. As used by Jim Bentley in his Houdini shows, this is in excellent condition! The magician's assistant lies down in a slim cabinet. Her head is clearly visible at one end of the cabinet, and her feet protrude from the other. Two large, solid blades are shown to the audience and are used to "slice" the assistant in half. Both the cabinet and table are then split in half, each half being shown all sides. the front doors in the front of each cabinet are opened to show the assistant's arm and leg. All is reversed and assistant emerges from the cabinet unharmed. Comes with 2 wooden transport cases with casters. Please note that additional crating and shipping charges will be applied. See it on our website! $2495.

12)   CRYSTAL SILK CYLINDER.  MAK.  The classic that has stood the test of time.  Drop up to three silks into this upright, clear plastic tube.   Cover with a metal cylinder and almost instantly, the silks are gone and in their place is anything that will fit into the tube….a bottle of soda, oranges, a dove, candy, practically anything.  Angle-proof and one of the most versatile props in magic.  Mint.  $45.

13)    VIENNA MAGIC VANISHING STEREO. Good condition. Full-size boombox-style, no foulard. $700.00

14)   CARD TRIPOD.  Morrissey.  Nice copper version of the P & L classic.  Tear a chosen card to bits and place on a lovely, elevated brass stand.  Cover with a matching copper lid...When removed, the card is restored.  Many other uses possible.  Release is sure-fire and fast.  Could use a bit of polish, but mechanically is fine.  Near mint.  $25.

15)   MINIATURE ASRAH TABLE.  MAK.  The very clever and deceptive stand normally used to switch out a doll for the mini-asrah routine.  Don’t have the gaffed cloth, so this is the table only, which is also extremely practical as a dove production tray, flower productions, or to switch one item for another.  All wood construction, scalloped edges, finished in red and black with tasteful silver glitter.  Mint.  $40.

16)   PROLINE IMPROVED DOVE CAROUSEL VANISH. Acquired from a private collector in mint unused condition. Regular price is $1995.00, buy this one and save! A carousel vanish that looks the part! Up to 4 doves are placed into the carousel during your act. For the grand finale, a drape is placed around the carousel and all is lifted off the table and brought to the footlights. Dramatically, the cloth is pulled away as the decorative canopy top spins leaving no trace of the doves or carousel. Supplied complete with roll-on table base and cloth.  PROline quality throughout. See it on our website. $1295.

17)   SWORD THROUGH NECK.  Imported.  Not the Rolls Royce of Sword Through Necks, but not bad.  Place stock around neck of volunteer and thrust sword through, blade being visible on both sides of the stocks.  Any volunteer may be used and they’ll be none the wiser.  Near mint.  $55.

18)   TURNED WOOD CUPS AND BALLS WITH KICKER FINALE.  India.  Very nice set of cups and balls turned of hardwood, clear lacquer finish, with four balls.  Includes a fourth cup, which appears to be solid and may be produced as a “kicker” finish.  This cup also separates for the production of a ball from within.  Many, many new and unusual possibilities.  Rare and mint.  $45.

19)   KNOT UNEXPECTED.  Jim Steinmeyer.  A length of rope held between two spectators is clearly cut in half with a sharp knife.  The cut ends are tied together.  The knot is then slid to any place upon the rope desired, then untied…..amazingly leaving two pieces of rope of lengths determined by the final position of the knot!   Baffling, and uses very normal looking props….rope and a knife.  Nothing added or taken away…no magnets, threads or screw-gimmicks.  Complete with rope and knife and full routine.  Mint.  $65.

20)   MAGIC BAR.  Werry and Harri.  Very unusual.  Remove a paper napkin from a transparent plastic napkin holder, roll it into a tube, and pour out a shot glass full of liquid. May be repeated three more times with other liquids.  Unique and off-the-beaten-path.  Mint.  $35.

21)   PLASTIC LADY.  Don England.  After a short monte routine, the magician visibly stretches the Queen of Hearts, and then apparently shrinks her.  Very nice and a great finish to any type of card routine.  Seldom seen and a true visual stunner.  With full routines and handling.  Mint.  $10.

22)   VANISHING GLASS DELUXE.  Ickle Pickle.  Neat variation on the vanishing pop bottle idea.  A metal tube, half the size of a glass tumbler, is slid over the tumbles and the whole works covered with a silk.  Whip the silk away, and the glass is gone.  Nicely made and machined props, rare and unusual.  Mint.  $45.

23)   COIN WELL.  Similar to ‘Cabala” and other penetrations, except that ANY object may apparently penetrate a solid, un-gaffed half dollar within a small wooden chest.  Unusual and very rare in any state.  This one near mint…..$50.

24)   COLOR EXPLOSION BLENDO.  David Ginn.  Five different colored 12” silks visibly blend into one multi-colored 36” silk.  The large silk has a unique, distinctive geometric pattern….no dragons, devils, etc.  Limited edition and mint.  $35.

25)   ULTIMATE CLOSE – UP PAD.  A Hocus-Pocus exclusive, now discontinued.  Large (20” x 15”) solid surface close-up pad.  Quality all the way.  Top is covered with rich velveteen and edged with natural hardwood trim.  Lots of room for ribbon spreads, turnovers, matrix, etc.  AND, the back side of the pad is totally made of sheet cork….perfect for card stabs, dice stacking or just to provide a different look.  Very rare and Mint.  $15.

26)   CAGE TRANSFORMATION.  Abbott.  Colon’s version of the Okito Incubator. A large chrome tube is shown empty and filled with bran, shavings, newspaper, etc.  Place on the lid, and when it is removed, a full-size birdcage, complete with canaries, if desired, is pulled from the tube.  May also be worked in reverse….cage may be placed inside tube and vanished or made to change into anything roughly the same size as the tube.  Some light rusting on tube, easily buffed off to bring it to its original sheen.  Very good.  $75.

27)   ULTRA – MODERN SUSPENSON.  Abbott.  Long discontinued due to the scarcity of materials required and the labor-intensive process to properly and safely construct this great “do – anywhere” suspension.  Place a board over the backs of two brown, wooden folding chairs and anyone from the audience may recline on the board.  Remove one chair and the board (and subject) remains suspended.  Unlike some current models, this one will not wobble and the hook-up is simple, direct and safe.  Perfect for publicity photos and a truly puzzling illusion which fits into the backseat of any car.  Near mint.  $450.

28)   HEAD ZOPPER.  Hughes.  One of the first versions of sawing anything in two with a power jig saw.  This is a beauty….free-standing and elevated from the floor via a cleverly constructed support stand, this one is used to behead the hapless volunteer.  Fire up the saw and run it across the top of the head stock and out the other end.  A really effective, portable illusion and the “victim” will be none the wiser.  Stock tastefully finished in green, gold and black.  Complete, including Black and Dekker jigsaw.  Very rare in any state, this one is near mint.  $700.

29)   NIELSEN VANISHING DOVE CAGE. Acquired from a private collector this is an incredible deal! Sells brand new for $3000.00. You can get this at an incredible savings! $1995.00. See it on our website for more details.

30)   FLIP OVER BOX.  Maker unknown, but very well done… and gold lacquer and will easily handle a good-sized bunny or its equivalent.  Heavy duty brass hinges and the load bag is very securely attached.  Mint.  $25.

31)   EGYPTIAN WATER BOX.  Grant / MAK.  The classic and now discontinued.  Pretty chest with swinging doors front and back shown empty.   Produce a glass of water…then vanish it.  Or, pour water into the chest…it vanishes, and then produce a glass of water, lemonade, etc.  Many and varied other possibilities with this time-tested classic.  Rare and near mint.  $85.

32)   JIM BENTLEY CUSTOM HOUDINI MILK CAN ESCAPE. Acquired from Jim Bentley, this is a one-of-a-kind custom-made illusion! This is an exact replica of the original Houdini Milk Can illusion! See it on our website for more details. $5995.

33)   PHANTOM TUBE.  If you didn’t know better, you’d swear that, from a short distance, this is a P & L…..but it’s not.  Big (approx. 10” tall x 4” diameter) will hold a pile of silks, spring flowers, etc.  Finished in red lacquer, complete with rings to clamp on tissue paper, if desired.  Paint is chipping at each end due to rings being clamped into place, but easily touched-up with red electrician’s tape, red paint or red marker.  No dents, dings and all seams are welded tight.  Very good.  $65.

34)   SPECTACULAR PRODUCTION. Abbott. The grand-daddy of square circles. Elevated on a castered table, entire front of 13” x 13” x 18” is trimmed in glistening chrome. Tube also chromed and heavy-duty. Load tube divided into two sections to keep livestock, if desired, away from silks, flowers, etc. You could literally fill a stage with items produced from this massive prop. Very good. $475.

35)   DOVE CAROUSEL VANISH. Proline. Looks like this beauty has never been used. Well made beveled base conceals the cleverly constructed “carousel”, within which up to four doves are placed in full view of the audience. Cover the carousel and toss it into the air….doves and carousel vanish into nothingness. Sure-fire, quiet one-move operation. Scarce and mint. $895.

36)   FLIP OVER BOX. Very nice size to accommodate two doves or small rabbit. Sturdy construction, reinforced hinges and finished in subtle shades of green, yellow and blue. A reasonably tasteful looking prop, not overly garish. Very good. $55.

37)   INSTANT ART. Supreme. The great kid show routine in which a black and white rendering of a cottage and field suddenly becomes a full-color image after being inserted into the “Instant Art” frame. Large, visual and colorful. Outside frame could use some re-taping at edges, otherwise fine. $55.

38)   U.F. GRANT DELUXE CHAIN WELDING. A really nice classic piece of Grant apparatus. You throw the separate metal links into the tube, give a little swirl and shake, and dump them out linked into a chain....and the tube is empty! Turn it upside down, nothing else remains! It’s a one of those great classics you just don't see any more. Very nicely decorated and works perfectly. This would be great in your act or perfect piece in any magic collectors display. See it on our website! $195.

39)   U.F. GRANT PROXY SUBSTITUTION CHEST. Perform the Sub Trunk in Miniature! With these you can make objects switch places like magic! For example: Magician takes a bracelet and puts it in small chest, which is then put in larger chest, and tied shut. Man's watch is placed in bag, sealed shut and placed on top of chests! Presto! The objects have magically switched places! Watch is now in chest and bracelet is in bag! See it on our website. $195.

40)   CANNON BALL CIRCUS. Acquired from a private collector in pristine mint/unused condition comes this Cannon Ball Circus! Sure you've seen the circus trick where someone is shot from a cannon, but wait 'til your audience sees this. An audience member is invited to man the cannon - a ping pong ball cannon, that is! After a round of target practice, with you as the target, he chooses one of three circus characters (beautifully printed Wonder Imagery Silks) to be shot from the cannon. Will it be Charlie the Clown, Eleanor the Elephant or Terry the Tiger? One of these will fly invisibly through the air - after being shot from the cannon - and land safely across the room in a net, a bengal net that is! Sounds dangerous? Don't worry; the other two circus characters will be there to make sure the landing is safe. But wait; there is an element of danger as you introduce the Ring of Fire!! It's totally safe and the cleverest ring of fire you'll ever see. Oops, you do manage ignite your finger with the fake fire! After choosing another helper to hold the flaming hoop, the chosen character is loaded in the cannon. The cannon is fired! The net falls open and hanging there is the selected character along with his two friends! Comes complete with Silk Circus Characters, Ping Pong Ball Cannon, Ring of Fire, Flaming Finger Gimmick, Landing Net w/ Stand, all necessary Gimmicks, Complete Script and Custom Recorded Royalty Free Circus Music. See it on our website. $229.

41)   CLIMBING COIN BY DOUGLAS WAYNE. A coin (quarter) is borrowed from some member of the audience and placed unmistakably in the drawer at the front of the column. The drawer is closed, and the column placed on the performer's table. The performer then calls attention to the little box; handing both drawer and case for examination. He invites the person examining it to reinsert the drawer with his own hands, then places it on the flat top of the column. After a brief moment, the coin is seen slowly climbing up the face of the column! It climbs all the way up the column and out of sight. A moment later, the performer takes the little box from the top of the pillar, takes out the drawer, and shows the coin has arrived therein! Measuring roughly 11 inches tall and 4 inches square at the base. Complete instructions included; manufactured by Douglas-Wayne Illusioneering. Hand-made from solid maple. Utilizes a silent weighted method. See it on our website. $550.

42)   DESKTOP ADD-A-PAD. Unusual version in which you are able to divine the outcome of randomly selected numbers. A classic, but this version is camouflaged in a discreet, upscale walnut desk set. Mint. $100.

43)   STAR LITE PRODUCTION TUBES. Jay Leslie. Large (11” x 5”) nested round tubes allow for a mammoth silk and /or livestock production ala square circle. Very nice and made by a pro. Mint. $100.

44)   CUBE-A-LIBRA. The numerical order of one stack of six blocks changes to match a second set when covered momentarily with a tube. Many variations possible. This is a particularly nice set….easily manageable and visible from a distance. Each block is approx. 1 ¾ inch square. Excellent. $350.

45)   DOVE THROUGH GLASS. Custom version of the Jack Hughes classic. In gleaming white and black. Larger than most models, with matching, sturdy base. Movements are sure, smooth and quiet. Mint. $195.

46)   NITE CLUB LIVESTOCK VANISH. Grant / MAK. They are classic, now discontinued. Place two 2doves or similar size load in beautiful lacquered chest. Take chest apart, show both sides of every piece, and the livestock is gone. Ageless stencil work on lid. Scarce and near mint. $65.

47)   CRYSTAL DOVE COTE. Owen / Thayer. The older, scarce version with actual glass sides and top. Dove or similar size load visibly appears within glass enclosure. Typical outstanding craftsmanship from this venerable firm. Spring flap is fast and sure. Excellent. $650.

48)   HEAD BUSTER BY ANTON CORRADIN. Give your audience a new thrill with the Head Buster, one they will never forget! A sophisticated device is put on the assistant's head to make him look a little more like he's in showbiz. However, an unexpected problem arises, as the performer turns a couple of knobs and cranks: the spectator's head suddenly explodes with a loud BANG and disappears completely without any logical reason! The performer proves this by opening all four compartments and sticking his entire arm through the space where the spectator's head once was. Oh, dear. The magician, clearly in danger of losing his assistant forever, reverses the process by closing the compartments and reversing the dials. Miraculously, the assistant's head returns, none the worse for wear. Well, sort of -- the assistant looks worse than ever, but at least he's OK! The audience will be completely shocked and taken aback by the Head Buster. It can be used at a short distance from the audience, or even at their own eye-level. See it on our website. $499.95

49)   VANISHING CANE / SILVER KNOB. Steel. Not Walsh, but just as good and just as fast-working. Silver knob and ferrule. Coiled spring steel is smooth…no kinks or nicks. Could use a light coat of sewing machine oil to bring out the black luster of the cane, but not mandatory. They don’t make them like this anymore. Mint. $50.

50)   VANISHING CANE / WHITE KNOB. Steel. Not Walsh, but just as good and just as fast-working. White knob and ferrule. Coiled spring steel is smooth…no kinks or nicks. Could use a light coat of sewing machine oil to bring out the black luster of the cane, but not mandatory. They don’t make them like this anymore. Mint. $50.

51)   INSTANT ART. Supreme. The great kid show routine in which a black and white rendering of a cottage and field suddenly becomes a full-color image after being inserted into the “Instant Art” frame. Large, visual and colorful. Outside frame could use some re-taping at edges, otherwise fine. $55.

52)   FANTASIO’S MAGIC FLASHLIGHT. Extremely rare, acquired from a private collector in mint condition.
When available, these were produced in extremely limited quantity as each unit was handmade by Fantasio himself. The magician shows a flashlight and tries to light it, but it does not work. Thinking it may be the batteries, he unscrews the cap on the bottom and instead of batteries he discovers a colorful silk handkerchief.
He removes the silk and replaces it with two fresh batteries and screws the cap back on the end. He flashes it on and off showing that it is in good working condition. Now for the magic...The magician shows the silk (already removed from the flashlight) and tucks it into his fist. When he opens his hand, in place of the silk is a battery! The audience then thinks the silk is in the other hand, but when opened, another battery is revealed! Finally, he takes the flashlight, opens the cap, and inside is the silk again... instead of the batteries! The routine itself is the exact one Fantasio used in his award winning act! Comes complete with the special flashlight, silks, batteries and battery fekes, video tape performance, and carry bag. See it on our website. $350.

53)   HUGHES MAGIC BOTANIA. Acquired from a private collector comes this pristine mint Hughes Magic Botania! EFFECT: The magician shows an elegant lacquered cone to be absolutely empty. The magician passes his arm through the empty cone to prove it thus. Placing the cone on a tray, the magician tosses a small flower bouquet into the cone. When it is removed, instantly and visually, a huge bush of beautiful flowers, taller than the cone has appeared! This is not a stock Hughes item as it was custom made. The flowers are in vibrant red with black centers! Comes complete with botania, tray, metal tube, 3-bloom matching bouquet, and special transport bags. See it on our website. $1195.

54)   TELE-FLASH. Supreme. An upright wooden frame is seen to contain a length of ribbing running from side to side. A card is chosen, wrapped in “tissue paper” and placed in a holder in front of the frame. The paper is ignited and in a flash (literally), the chosen card is seen threaded on the ribbon. Very nice idea. Mechanical when it needs to be and works like a charm. No flash paper included. Near mint. $65.

55)   PRO VIPER by Terry Lunceford – Mint Condition  $295.00

56)   HEAD ON FIRE BOX – Mint condition  $100.00

57)   FASTEST FLOWER TRICK by Richard Hughes. Pristine mint unused condition! Few tricks in magic garner as much response and surprise as this does (aka DeLage’s Fastest Trick in the World) and it's one of the fastest tricks in the world and certainly one of the most spectacular! A 24” high bush full with 12 luxurious blooms and a 5” pot vanishes instantly and completely without any covering. A slender, stainless steel upright supports a thin table less than 1/2” thick. Even works surrounded anytime! This is the original and only authorized version from the inventor, Al DeLage. It is manufactured in strict accordance with Richard Hughes' personal instruction from Horace and Marie Marshall. It's 100% proven design has fooled audiences and magicians since 1954 when first introduced by Horace Marshall. This unit has been rated by John Mendoza and Rich Bloch in Magic Manuscript with an “A” rating, the highest possible! It has been featured by Harry Anderson on “HBO Comedy Relief” and Geoff Durham “The Great Soprendo” on Thames television in 1989. A product of superior craftsmanship. Currently sells for over $1400.00 when available. Recently acquired from a private collector, this unit is in pristine mint condition (maybe used only a few times if any). See it on our website. $1200.

58)   BIG FURRY MONSTER PUPPET w/rod Arm – Mint - $20.00


60)   TIP-OVER TREASURE CHEST. Acquired from a private collector, this is a real beauty! Elegant wooden treasure chest measuring 12" x 8" x 11" can be shown all around, tipped forward, open the lid to be shown empty. Close the lid, say the magic words, and a large production of silks, flowers, small rabbit, or a pair of doves can be produced. The unique feature of this Tip-Over Chest is the secret locking mechanism that holds the load chamber securely in position within the chest when the chest lid is completely closed. See it on our website. $299.95

61)   HOSPITALITY. – Possibly custom-made. A Jim Steinmeyer concept and a modern version of the classic “any drink called for.” Various types of drinks…alcoholic or not, are poured from a milk carton presumably full of nothing but chocolate milk….and the drinks may actually be passed to members of the audience to consume The “bar” is made of warm, naturally-finished wood with tasteful gold accents and lower shelf. Very nice, very sophisticated and very elegant. Breaks down for packing / shipping and works like a charm. Mint. $1,025.

62)   SUPREME MAGIC TIGER VENT Puppet – Mint - $75.00

63)   ZIG ZAG ROCKY RACCOON  w/ Rocky Raccoon– Mint $125.00

64)   CANARY CATS. Ireland – Magic Inc. Long forgotten and discontinued, but a killer routine using three over-sized cards, two of which have designs of a canary in a cage…the third card depicts a cat in a cage. It’s a combination of 3-card monte and hippity hop rabbits, as the canaries always outwit the befuddled cat. Cleverly gaffed cards make this easy to work and highly visual. Rare and near mint. Have 2. $110 ea.

65)   FRENCH ARM CHOPPER. In perfect condition. A spectator's arm is placed in the chopper. A large SOLID BLADE is forced down through the wrist. The spectator's ACTUAL HAND (not a dummy hand) is seen to drop off and fall in the bag below! One of the most copied effects in magic, this is the U.F. Grant original and still the best!! It looks wonderful on the stage, but can be used at a party just as well. Packs flat, and lightweight for easy transporting. Get more details and see it on our website. $125.

66)   SUPREME MAGIC BIRTHDAY  BUNNY Surprise – Mint - $100.00

67)   SUPREME MAGIC MONKEY –Good Condition - $10.00

68)   SUPER HEAD TWISTER – Mint - $150.00

69)   WOODEN BILLET TRAY – Mint - $10.Wooden Billet Tray – Mint - $10.00

70)   THINK-A-DRINK. Ted Lesley. Gutsy and startling. A packet of laminated cards, each depicting a different type of beverage, is displayed. One card is selected and placed into an envelope. After suitable by-play, the envelope is opened and from it is poured the actual beverage selected! Complete with instructions, routine, cards, shot glass and a very uniquely made gimmick. Very clever, and different! Mint. $65.

71)   JUAN MAYORAL SUPER LIGHT BULB – Mint - $150.00

72)   VINTAGE WALNUT ADD-A-PAD. Acquired from a private collector, they surely don't make 'em like this anymore! In mint condition, this mentalist utility prop will enable you to predict the outcome of randomly selected numbers! It's an Add-A-Pad in a custom walnut desktop pen set! See it on our website. $90

73)   COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP COMMEMORATIVE COINS. Bloch / Ruggiero. Set of six, silver-dollar size souvenir coins issued in connection with the World Magic Summits, originally sponsored by Collector’s Workshop. Gleaming silver finish, with etchings of Rich Bloch and Nick Ruggiero on one side, and the dates of the applicable seminars (1993-1998) on the reverse. Each coin in a protective plastic case. Rare and mint. The set: $250.

74)   LOCK FLAP HANDKERCHIEF BOX. Owen (possibly late Thayer). A true gem and now practically impossible to find. Carl Owen’s version of the “Jap Box”, with two locking load chambers which release with merest touch….if you know where to touch! Complete with base. Both load chambers lock securely and open without effort. Natural hardwood finish…a real beauty. Some light scratches on box, but could easily be re-finished or better yet, leave as is since it is a true “workers” box. These are few and far between in any condition. This one near mint. $195

75)   POPSY PEGS. Supreme. Four different colored ribbons are displayed clipped to a vertical frame. Large colored cards, each color matching the ribbon colors, are displayed. One card (color) is freely chosen, and the corresponding colored ribbon flies off of the frame. A unique and colorful finish. No force…any color may be selected…the action of the ribbon flying from the frame is under the performer’s complete control at all times. The effect may be repeated immediately with the same, or different, colors being chosen. Near mint. $65.


77)   VINTAGE SQUARE CIRCLE – Excellent Condition- $50.00

78)   ERIC LEWIS THROUGH A ONE INCH HOLE – Vintage item in excellent condition and rare! $350.00

79)   FRUSTRATED FREDDIE. Doc Haley. Similar to effects made by Supreme Magic of England, but this is more of a jumbo (approx. 14” x 10”) 3-card monte idea, with poor “Freddie” dodging drugs and alcohol, finally winning the battle by uttering the famous words, “Just Say No.” Very nice, crisp, quality printing on very large, heavy-gauge laminated cards. An easy-to-follow routine with a genuine message. Near mint. $25.

80)   NEMO SWITCH CASE – Mint- $25.00

81)   TRICKY BOTTLES. Grant – MAK. The classic topsy-turvy, do-as-I-do effect using real glass bottles with the vintage “Black Cherry Soda” labels. Metal tubes show a bit of wear, but don’t affect operation. Always a hit and a great audience participation piece. Very good. $35.

82)   DOVE NEST OF BOXES. Possibly Jack Hughes. Nicely made and decorated version of Thayer’s Banner Nest of Boxes. Bird is placed in chest on tray, and covered with cloth. Chest is tossed into the air, and chest with bird vanish. Chest and bird re-appear with a nest of two other chests which have been in full view the entire time. Complete with all chests, tray and cloth. Tastefully hand-painted, each chest in a different color. Near mint. $475.

83)   X MARKS THE SPOT. Very unusual prediction slate, approx. 20” x 14”, framed in naturally stained hardwood. As you hold the slate, four spectators write any four items on the slate with a piece of chalk….four names, four telephone numbers, four of anything. Still holding the slate, state that you will turn your back to the audience and write an “x” next to the item that will be randomly selected by another spectator. You apparently do so and cover the slate with a cloth. Sure enough, when the desired item is named, it is the only thing on the slate with an “x” next to it. The gaffed slate does all the work. Sure fire, no forces, no stooges and smooth working. Rare and mint. $100.

84)   COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP KHYBER KOBRA Unavailable for many years and recently acquired from a personal collection in pristine mint condition, now is your chance to snag this as they are getting harder and harder to find... This audience-pleaser comes complete with wicker basket, precision-manufactured mechanism as only Collector's Workshop can produce. Anvil style carrying case, necessary snakes, full instructions. This model is in pristine mint condition, can be all yours for $1595.00!

85)   COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP PERFECT TIME III. Acquired from a private collector in pristine mint condition, this is quite possibly the most remarkable Prediction Watch ever invented! The Perfect Time watch has been copied but the cheap imitations pale in contrast to the high quality and precision provided by the original system. Perfect Time III is an improved version of the original offering. The watch-works are superior as is the system. The system has been improved to eliminate the problems experienced in some of the earlier versions. In pristine mint/unused condition, when available, regular retail price is $349.95, but you can get it here at a fraction of the price! See it on our website. $299.95

86)   COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP PSYCHIC SWORD. Recently acquired from a private collector in mint condition comes this strong, mystifying and effective bit of mentalism combined with a wonderfully crafted piece of apparatus. The performer displays a deck of cards and spreads it ribbon-style on the table. Opening a beautifully-crafted wooden box with brass fittings, the performer removes a small, but elegant Samurai Sword. As he does so, it is noted that an envelope rests inside the sword box. Offering the sword to the spectator, the performer asks the spectator to point to a card and push it from the pack (or stab it). "You might have made other selections," says the performer, turning over cards at random, "but you chose the card on the sword that you've stabbed." "At this moment, no one in the world knows its identity, and for the moment, we will keep it that way. Before we arrived here tonight, I placed a single card in this envelope, and placed the envelope in the sword box. It's time to reveal my selection." The envelope is opened and the card displayed. Then, for the first time, the stabbed card is revealed. Incredibly, they MATCH! The sheer beauty of the props will add mystery and class to your act. The effect will add MAGIC! Comes complete with deluxe sword box, sword, cards, envelopes, and complete instructions ready to perform. See it on our website. $175

87)   COLLECTOR’S WORKSHOP VIENNA CARD FRAME. A most elegant, visual, bit-by-bit materialization of a selected card; finest ever made! The performer has a card selected from a deck of 52. The selected card is torn to bits and the pieces vanished. The performer now displays an elegant picture frame trimmed in gold ormolu. At the performers command, the torn selected card begins to appear, piece by piece. First, a corner appears, then the other corner, then the middle and finally the complete card. The frame is opened and the card removed and given to the spectator as a souvenir. Completely self-contained. This is the finest version made since Himber's remake of the Conradi version. Frame measures: 6.5" x 8" x 1" In place of a playing card, a real photo may be used with equal success as well as a small page from a pocket book, etc. Use your imagination. Acquired from a private collector and currently unavailable elsewhere, this is your opportunity to own this elegant, mechanical marvel. See it on our website. $295.

88)   GILDED DIE BOX. Prudential Exports, India. A heavy-duty, heavily shellacked classic die box with a golden block in place of the usual die. Good, solid “klunk” when slid. Nice beveled edges with inlay accents. Standard operation (no double door feature), but still a winner and unusually eye-appealing….looks like a miniature treasure chest rather than a magic prop. Near mint. $55.

89)   GUY BERT’S FLAMES THROUGH GLASS by Jack Hughes. Acquired from a private collector, this is one of only two we've ever seen in all our years of collecting! The other was missing the optional floor stand which this model has. This reads like an absolute miracle in the old Jack Hughes catalogs, and I'm sure would fool most magicians if properly presented. Briefly: A large wooden frame is displayed and a piece of examined Plexiglas is placed inside. Two hinged wooden stocks are locked over the glass about a third from each end of the frame. They have star traps on both the front and back. Two wax tapers (used to light candles) are shown. One at a time, the tapers are pushed through the star traps from front to back. The frame is turned and the ends of the tapers are clearly seen emerging from the stocks, penetrating the solid Plexiglas. They can be lit, which makes the effect even more dramatic. The tapers are withdrawn, the stocks removed and the glass once again shown intact. This model is decorated in blue with black trim. The catalog describes the optional floor stand, and that is included with the apparatus. Displaying the frame on the tall stand is a great addition and turns the effect into a mini illusion. The props are in very good condition, showing some slight age wear. The Plexiglas has some expected scuffs and wear. Looks fine "as is" for display, but you'd probably want to replace it for performance. Included are a box of 100 brand new wax tapers. The double penetration through the stocks is a visual fooler, as even if the glass slid, it would be impossible to have two openings because of the thin frame. The method is somewhat bold, and working with the wax tapers takes some handling and patience. But as rare Jack Hughes pieces go....this is near the top of the list. See it on our website. $295.

90)   WALT SHEPPARD TWIN DOVES IN BALLOON. This is the ultimate, and features Sheppard's meticulous woodwork, paint job, and decals reminiscent of Okito. An inflated balloon placed within the ornate framework bursts and two doves appear. Hallmarked. Rare in any state, this one is mint. See it on our website. $260

91)   FLOATING ZOMBIE HEAD – Good condition $35.00

92)   FLORABELLA. Abbott. A large, chrome plated tube shown empty. Immediately, six large bouquet darts are produced. Silks may also be produced before the flowers. Tube is BIG…approx. 20” tall, heavily chromed and sturdy. Unique and practical loading method. Bouquets are multi-colored, full and bright. Completely self-contained. Mint. $995.

93)   $1,000.00 CHALLENGE DOVE VANISH. Abbott. No, it really doesn’t cost that much. As featured by Richiardi and others. Two doves removed from cage and placed into wooden chest, which is taken apart piece-by-piece and both sides of each piece are slowly and deliberately shown….they really are….and doves are gone. Chest may also be dismantled by members of the audience with no fear of exposure. Very clever and different. Rare and mint. $595.

94)   REPEATING SNAKE BASKET. Abbott. An oldie but still a goodie. Chosen card returned to deck and deck tossed into wicker basket. Snake rises with selected card in it’s’ mouth. Self-contained and automatic……just flip a switch and the sequence begins. Mechanics work fine and quietly…..made the way they used to be and still should be. Mint. $295.

95)   CARDS GO. Jack Hughes. A real little gem. One or more cards placed in frame elevated above a small tray. Frame covered with silk, and when silk removed, card or cards are gone. Ingenious method and one of those props that is almost more fun to play with than actually perform. Operation is smooth as silk. These are rare in any state. This one near mint. $75.

96)   DELUXE SILKOLA. Ickle Pickle. Same effect as above, but tube decorated in shiny gold diffraction tape with nice gold finial on top. With bottle. Mint. $20.

97)   MICRO ABC RECOMBOBULATOR by Wolf's Magic. Acquired from a private collector in mint condition.
The Wacky Wolf has taken his favorite effects and placed them in the SHRINKING MACHINE leaving them small enough to FIT IN THE PALM OF YOUR HANDS! The craziness begins when the performer tells the audience about his 'unusual' collection of GUM-WADS! Yes, gum ALREADY BEEN CHEWED! Ewwww! Nearly every detail of their big brother has been maintained and to top it all off....each effect is COMPLETELY FUNCTIONAL in EFFECT!! We spared no expense or labor to bring you fantastic collectibles and fun props to perform! Each effect is no larger than 6 inches. They will look great on your office desk ready to perform a quick miracle of could even be used at a Children's Party as all the kids gather around to see the magic happen up close! Specs: 5 1/2" T x 3 3/4" W x 3" D Complete Instructions, Signed and Numbered, are provided for each prop. ABC Gumballs NOT included. Requires typical Small Gumballs or 3/4" Gumballs. Go to our website for more details and pictures. $164.95

98)   NATIONAL MAGIC SPIRIT BELL. Purchased from a private collection, they don't make 'em like this anymore! Manufactured in the late 1950s to early 1960s by the National Magic Company, this spooky and eerie effects still stands the test of time! Resting on a round wooden base is a bell and stand. The bell is then covered with a glass dome, completely isolating it, and now the fun begins! Asking specific questions from certain members of the audience, the bell rings once for yes, twice for no, and three times for uncertainty! Works with NO electronics, threads, wires, or magnets! And get this--the whole thing can be examined at ANY TIME--before, during, and after performance! We were overly excited when this one came in, and you will be too once it comes to your door! Only one! Don't wait! Get it today before someone else does! Supplied complete. This stunning piece will be a highlight of your show or a centerpiece of your private collection. In perfect working condition. $395.

99)   TEMPLE OF BENARES. Abbott / Jack Gwynne. From the “glory days” of Abbott’s, and at a price far below current cost. Fine stencil work and brilliant, vibrant colors. With 12 swords (no stand.) Girl enters the tiny temple; swords are thrust through in myriad directions. Open the front doors, and the girl is gone….only the criss-crossing maze of sword blades are visible. Remove swords and girl re-appears, unharmed. May be done close-up and surrounded. No mirrors, no black art. May also be used to produce or vanish an assistant. Temple is mounted on smooth-running casters. Complete with wooden case. Near mint. $2,599.95.

100)            WALKING THROUGH A RIBBON. Abbott. Long discontinued and rare in this condition. Volunteer stands within ornately decorated enclosure, which conceals only the waist section. A wide ribbon is threaded through holes in the sides of the enclosure, and in front of the volunteer. Upon command, the volunteer walks forward, out of the enclosure and the ribbon is seen fully intact behind her. Breaks down for packing. Vintage dragon stencil work in red, gold and black. Truly a classic. Near mint. $295.

101)            TWIN DOVES IN BALLOON. Walt Sheppard. Inflated balloon placed in skeletal framework. Balloon bursts, and two doves appear. Mechanically perfect and truly breathtaking artwork, in the Okito tradition. Very scarce and near mint. Hallmarked. $260.

102)            WONDERFUL TEA CHEST MYSTERY. Acquired from a private collector, this sold out limited edition (#3 of 4 made) is an absolutely stunning Nest of Boxes and finished beautifully with decals reminiscent of Okito's work. Very clever and quick back load method similar to the Jack Hughes' boxes. This is a quality set, from the colorful finish to the hardware used to secure the ribbons. The largest box measures app. 7" square. The stack is app. 19" tall. Includes a ring vanishing handkerchief and full instructions/routine. Pristine mint. See it on our website. $995.

103)            DEVIL SILK. Tannen. 36”. In fine shape, minor fraying. Very good. $30.

104)            ULTIMATE DOVE VANISH. Abbott / Jack Gwynne. Not your grandfather’s tip-over box. As many as six doves placed in chest. Spin chest, and front and rear doors fall open revealing empty interior. Show chest slowly and fairly on all sides….no bags, tipping loads or body work. Can be done surrounded. A real stunner….especially for other magicians who know the more traditional method. Near mint. $350.00.

105)            BUNNYNAUTS.  Irv Cook.  Nice and unique variation on Hippity-Hop Rabbits.  In this version, the bunnies are decked out in cute astronaut outfits.  Tubes are stenciled with cartoon rockets…all which fit nicely with the included routine and patter story.  All wood construction and approx 11” tall.  Could use a little glue to strengthen some areas, but an easy fix.  Near mint.  $30.

106)            FLAGSTAFF PRODUCTION.  Imported version of the flash production as featured by Neil Foster and others.  Collapsible staff with multi-color silk “flag” is easily concealed in top hat, behind table, etc.  One flick of the wrist and instantly the staff seems to appear out of thin air.  A classic.  Mint.  $100.

107)            DIAMOND CUT SILKS. Jay Scott Berry. Set of 3, 18” silks…red, yellow and blue, cut and hemmed to nearly half their original size, but appear full size when produced and displayed. Take up much less room in load chambers, dye tubes, Sanada gimmicks, etc. than full-size silks. Set of 3, Mint. $25.

108)            SHREDDER. Abbott. It’s been said that Abbott’s have sold more workshop plans for this prop than any other illusion. Seldom seen, yet very effective, sturdy and lacquer finished in blue and gold. Large, menacing rack of spikes is apparently forced through the body of a hapless assistant, locked within stocks inside a cabinet directly below the spikes. The tips of the spikes are clearly seen protruding from the underside of the cabinet after the “penetration.” Naturally, the poor “victim” emerges unharmed. Excellent and rare. $4,500.00.

109)            SILK TO FLOWER. Suds. Nice red silk ribbon and better-than-average reel for this nice, and seldom seen, magical interlude. Mint. $20.

110)            HOUSE OF JAVA. Owen. The oversized version of the famous Silk Cabby…this model designed to look like a small bird house, lacquered in green, red, black and gold. Tapered doors and roof panels, cabinet may be shown completely empty and a full-size dove produced….or vanished. In perfect working order, could use some cosmetic touch-up on paint in small areas, otherwise fine. Good. $195.

111)            REINCARNATION. Cresey. A $5 bill is folded in half and Lincoln’s picture is torn out from the center. When the bill is opened, it is completely restored. Novel handling, complete with supply of prepared bills, although real money may be used. Mint. Have 3. $10 ea.

112)            RUN, DINO, RUN. MAK. Very well made version of Run, Rabbit, Run, this time using a large, familiar purple dinosaur immediately recognizable from television. Heavy duty, brilliant colors, large and easily seen from any distance. Mechanically perfect. Mint. $150.

113)            SILKEN SIDE SHOW (AKA KORN SILKS) Karrell Fox / Supreme. Original 36” silks made by Britain’s Supreme Magic to Karrell’s specs. Strong Man, Ostrich and Fat Lady. Hold each in front of a person and the person’s head forms the head of the character depicted on the silks. Very rare in any state, and this set comes with Karrell’s original handling and comic routine. Near mint. $225.

114)            MIND CONTROLLED GLASS. Ted Lesley. Considered by some to be the “Rolls Royce” of hydrostatic glasses….now discontinued and hard to find. Glass filled with liquid is inverted, yet liquid doesn’t spill out. While inverted, glass may be passed freely from hand to hand and even given to a spectator. Upon command, the liquid flows out freely. The complete set, as originally issued, with glass, two disks, glass pitcher, thread and all other required accessories. Very rare. Mint. $350.

115)            HANDCUFF/ LEGCUFF SET. Very nice pair. Both sets of cuffs finished in polished steel, and both have keys. Leg cuffs similar to handcuffs, but with longer length of chain between cuffs. Near mint. $65.

116)            STOP LITE TRIX. Haines / US Toys. Three large cards, each bearing a different colored spot….red, yellow, green are placed in an envelope or folded newspaper. Two of the cards are removed. When asked which color is left the magician produces a card reading “Wrong.” Then the usual sucker stuff…turn it around, show the other side, etc. When the hysteria reaches a frenzy, the other side is shown to read, “Wrong Again.” Nicely made silk-screened cards. Complete. Mint. $15

117)            ELECTRONIC BALLOON BUSTER. Taurus Magic. Balloon placed in stand on nicely stained wooden tray bursts on command. Remote electronic trigger, battery operated. Tray may be held by spectator when action occurs. Great for card in balloon, silk in balloon, psycho-kinetic demonstrations, comedy bits, etc. Limited only by your imagination. Scare and near mint. $110.

118)            COLOR CHANGING PLUMES. Fakini. Great set of 6 brilliantly colored plumes which change color as they pass through an un-gimmicked tube of newspaper. Complete with adjustable chrome and hardwood display stand, stamped, “Fakini.” Beautiful. Very rare, and near mint. $500.

119)            SUPREME LIVESTOCK VANISH. Walt Sheppard. A truly deluxe version of this seemingly impossible vanish. Two doves, or load of similar size, placed in beautiful, ornate chest. Chest dismantled, one piece at a time, and the livestock is gone. No tipping loads, no hanging bags, no body loads, no steals, no threads. Based on a Percy Abbott idea, but done up in true Sheppard fashion in subtle, yet gorgeous shades of green and gold, with butterfly accents…..stunning, practical and a real fooler. Very rare and mint. $245.

120)            MOUSE HOUSE. Fenichel / Tannen. Front and back doors of small wooden “mouse house” are removed to reveal empty interior, then replaced. Cute, fuzzy mouse is introduced and after announcing that the mouse always returns to his house, the mouse vanishes. Meanwhile, peeking over the front edge of the “mouse house” is the little rat himself. The kids scream…the mouse drops out of sight before the performer can catch him. Repeated sightings of the mouse occur until the little critter is finally found for good. The movement of the mouse within the house is accomplished via wind-up music box motor and is really very practical…he rises into view, then drops out of sight. This sequence continues as long as desired until the finish of the routine. All mechanical parts perfect. The house could use a bit of cosmetic touch-up. Very rare, and unique. Near mint. See our web site for more details. $300.

121)            HOT AIR BALLOON. Supreme. Nice, big and colorful version of Card in Balloon for kids. A large (18” tall) wooden profile of a blue sky dotted with fluffy clouds has a hole in the center, just large enough to hold a round, inflated balloon. Balloon may be inflated by a kid or the performer and placed within the hole. Force an alphabet card, animal card, playing card, photograph, etc. and the “selection” visibly reappears, apparently from within the balloon when it bursts. Lots of color, noise and action. Beautiful artwork and mechanically foolproof. Rare and mint. $125.

122)            BIMP BOTTLE. Murray. A mysterious looking golden bottle is seen standing upright on a small table. A spectator inspects the bottle. When he tries to replace the bottle on the table it refuses to stand upright. Only the magician can make the bottle stand upright. This can be repeated at will. The bottle, when upright, can also be made to fall seemingly on its own. The bottle can also be made to stand upright apparently on its own. Only one was ever built by George Murray, so this is a very rare item! See our web site for more details. 4500.00

123)            36 INCH HAPPY SANTA SILK. Abbott. Brightly colored this cheery Santa silk will be the perfect addition to all of your holiday shows. This can be easily produced from your change bag, square circle or any other production prop. Long unavailable from Abbott's this is your chance to grab this silk before it's gone forever. $45.

124)            BOW SAW ILLUSION. Abbott. A low, platform wooden board is seen. A hinged stock and a saw complete the outfit. The girl sits on the table and then reclines so that the stocks may be fitted over her midsection. Without using any cover, the magician saws through the stocks and right through the victim's body! Viewers of this spectacle hear and see the saw cutting through the stocks and cutting the body into halves. The blade is unfastened from its handle and the magician reaches under the girl's body to remove the saw blade. The girl is unlocked from the stocks ... she is unharmed and takes a bow! Important points: This illusion can be done surrounded. It packs flat. It is ready to work in two minutes. It is lightweight. It is attractively decorated with a lacquer finish. Only the midsection of the girl is covered by the stocks. Only one saw is used. Use any girl volunteer assistant from the audience. The saw actually cuts through wood strips mounted in the sides of the stocks for that purpose. Vegetables can be used in place of the wood strips, if desired. The audience actually sees the wood strips cut into pieces as the saw passes through. In this modern version the bulky box or cabinet is done away with. The entire illusion weighs less than 35 pounds. Two borrowed folding chairs support the wooden board platform. Walk in and in a few minutes you can have the illusion ready for performance. In excellent, almost mint condition. See our web site for more details. $699.95

125)            WHERE DID THE RABBIT GO? Near mint condition. A classic sucker vanish a la Where Did The Ducks Go. Rabbit is placed in a colorful red box sitting atop a black table. Box is taken apart one part at a time, showing the rabbit has apparently vanished. Spectator sees rabbit’s foot dangling from the table. Table is immediately flipped around to show that it is nothing but a rabbit’s foot on a string. Great illusion supplied with rabbit cage on wheels, table and vanish box. Don’t pass this one up. $595.

126)            MAGIC BAR. Harry Stanley. Two hinged wooden panels measuring 16X11.5X16in are shown empty. A tray is placed atop the two panels and then you can produce glasses of liquid or even do an “Any Drink Called For” routine. Unique prop in near mint condition includes a Nielson Vanishing Champagne Bottle as a bonus. Complete with glasses, original instructions and routine. Extremely rare. $350.

127)            MIRROR GLASS. DONALD HOLMES. This one’s a beauty and rare. Heavy fluted glass tumbler with removable mirror divider. Deceptive at close range in mint condition. I will even through in three silks to complete the deal. $60.

128)            THE BALL BOX. Limited edition only two were ever made. Ornate box is shown and a white billiard ball is placed in the box, and then caused to vanish: a la die box. The ball may then be produced from any location you wish. The ball box while similar in appearance to the die box operates differently. This would be a beautiful centerpiece for your private collection or a unique piece in your show. $295.

129)            DOEL PURPOSE TEAR APPART VANISH BOX. Harry Stanley, Unique Magic Studio. In excellent condition. Place doves, small rabbit, etc. in the box. Then take it apart piece by piece showing the animal has vanished. $75.

130)            ED ALONZO’S JACK IN THE BOX. Long off the market. Effect: An audience member picks a drawing from a coloring book. The magician then attempts to predict which picture was chosen by drawing on his sketchpad, but he draws the wrong picture! The magician then adds a few line to his old prediction-turning it into a jack in the box. When jack in the box music begins, a clown magically rises from the box. The new picture- the correct prediction- is torn from the pad, shown to be un-gimmicked, and then given to the volunteer as a souvenir. As you will notice you are supplied with a pre-made JACK IN THE BOX ready to perform. Please pay special attention to this pre-made on so that it is easier to follow the pre-set instructions when making up another gimmicked drawing for another performance. $125.

131)            VLADMIR VANISHING RADIO. In excellent condition. Boom box style radio/CD Player sitting atop a thin table. Performer covers with a foulard. Carries table forward, tosses the foulard in the air and the radio has vanished. Currently listed at $1995 on our website, this one is yours for $995. What are you waiting for? Order this one now!

132)            CIRCUS TENT VANISH. Gandalf. Large colorful circus tent. Place an animal or other object inside. Dismantle piece by piece. Showing the item or items vanished. Extremely colorful. This vanish box disguised as a miniature circus tent is sure to please any aged audience. Mint condition $95.

133)            ALI BABA JUNIOR. Long unavailable, classic children's effect acquired from a private collector. Manufactured by Harry Stanley's Unique Magic Studios in England comes this rare children's routine. Hidden treasure, candy, etc. is placed in one of Ali Baba's vases. Children mix the vases up and place them in any order on the display stand. Next, a small wooden figure of Ali Baba is introduced and spun on a needle in front of the stand. Around and around he goes, and he magically stops pointing to the correct vase containing the prize. No matter where the vase containing the prize is placed, Ali Baba will always point out the correct one! Can be repeated over and over with a different outcome each time. Whole unit is mfg in wood and vibrantly colored. Comes complete with original routine. This is one you don't see to often! See our web site for more details. $200.

134)            ANITA ILLUSION. Just acquired from a private collector in excellent condition. This is the perfect Illusion for any audience. The Magician's assistant wheels out a beautiful cabinet decorated with two large Clown ventriloquist figure. Acquired from a private collector comes this unique and one-of-a-kind ventriloquist figure! This is number 1 of 1 ever made, signed by the figure maker. It is a full-size professional ventriloquist figure featuring side-to-side eye movement and mouth movement. The features and paint job are incredibly unique and the detail is incomparable with any other. In mint condition, this one of a kind ventriloquist figure is supplied with 2 complete sets of clothing and a fedora. So if you're a ventriloquist, thinking of becoming a ventriloquist, or just a collector, you will be extremely happy in your investment of this Clown Ventriloquist Figure. Remember, there's only one, and when it's gone, it's gone forever! See our web site for more details. $495.

135)            CUSTOM SNOW ANIMATOR III. Kevin James. Ray Lum is an illusionist and prop builder. He is also an improver and perfectionist. What Ray has done was take Kevin James' Snow Animator III and made it almost indestructible. The original cardboard box has been replaced with a far superior wooden box covered in Formica and comes with its very own custom Clydesdale Custom ATA Touring Case (top of the line version ATA)! This is far and away superior to the original Kevin James version previously offered. The original Snow Animator III has been unavailable from Kevin James for over 2 years! The Snow Animator III is the latest evolution of the Snow Animator series. Imagine all the power and upgraded components of the Snow Animator II without all the baggage! Kevin has taken all of the improvements and put them into a 1 foot square box and decorated it like a Christmas present with a big bow on top. Simply place the present down on any chair towards the front of the stage, take the lid off the box and work out of it from there; everything you'll need for this effect is now all self-contained and in the box. The performer talks of giving the gift of snow to a little girl one Christmas, and as he does so, he tears a paper snowflake from a paper napkin. Placing it into a glass of water, the performer swirls the paper snowflake around and scoops it out with a straw. As the melodic music crescendos, he squeezes out the water from the wet snowflake. Seconds later, a big and beautiful snowstorm is shooting out of his hands! This reputation-maker is now more practical and affordable than ever. Packing is a cinch as well; you don't have to travel with a stool, everything is all in a one foot square box, it is completely and totally self-contained, and extremely practical for any performer! Simply place it on any chair and go. You can decorate it as a birthday present or just a mysterious black box with a question mark on it, or even mount it into a table. Sit or stand! The box could even be placed on the floor and you can sit on a chair just behind the box and still perform it sitting down. Debuted at a recent magicians' convention, the Snow Animator III got a standing ovation! Comes complete with gift box and snow animator gimmick built in, battery and battery charger, delay timer, snowloads, custom carrying case built by Encore Cases, and thorough instructional video that even includes bonus routine ideas AND instructions on how to make your own snow! WOW! Think how much money you'll save on snow loads alone! Be original and leave an everlasting effect on your audience with Kevin James' Snow Animator III! Snow Animator III is no longer available from Kevin James. Now is your chance to grab this before it's too late. Remember there's only one available and when it's gone it's gone forever. See our web site for more details. $2000.

136)            ENIGMATIC. Alan Warner. Top quality handcrafted apparatus from the Alan Warner collection, acquired from a private collector! Two duplicate sets of five lucky Oriental charms are tipped out of their individual compartments in a small wooden box. A spectator is given one set of charms, the performer retains the other. The performer places one of his wooden charms face-down in one of the compartments, then the spectator freely chooses a charm from his set and places it face-up in the other compartment. This continues, turn and turnabout, until both sets of charms are once more back in the box. The performer then tips out the charms into two neat piles; he removes the top one from each pile and places them side by side on the table, then continues to do the same thing with each pair in turn. One of the charms which are face-down is now turned over by the performer to reveal the Oriental character on its reverse side. Enigmatically, it matches the Oriental character on the charm which is alongside it. The performer then continues in like fashion with each pair of charms. All five pairs of charms match! Truly, we think, an enigma! NOTE: The performer places his charm in the box in every instance before the spectator makes his choice. The spectator has a completely free choice of charm every time he selects one. At no time during the performance of the routine are either the spectator’s or the performer’s piles of charms switched for another set. The gimmicked box, which is made in teak, measures approximately 9 x 5.8 x 2.5 cms high and has an Oriental character made in ebony wood inlaid into its lid. The two sets of charms are made in wood and have matching Oriental characters cut into them, the backgrounds of the individual characters being lacquered in different colors for quick visual identification when matching up the two sets at the climax of the routine. Each and every piece of the Alan Warner collection is handcrafted by Alan Warner himself and in pristine mint condition. The apparatus is a delight to handle, and with Alan Warner's improved method of working, simplicity itself to perform and a magnificent example of true craftsmanship. Once again, this is a one-of-a-kind piece and we don't expect it to last long, so get on the horn and nab it today before some other lucky fellow does. See our web site for more details. $325.

137)            MENT-O-FLEX. Jay Leslie. Just acquired from a private collector in pristine mint unused condition! Ment-O-Flex is a classic mind reading act. Anyone, we repeat, anyone can be a world class mind reader in ten minutes with Ment-O-Flex. Imagine owning a classic of magic that can be performed tonight. Ment-O-Flex is based on the famous “Zola mind reading act”. Originated by U.F. Grant & sold to James Swoger. Ment-O-Flex is being re manufactured by Jay Leslie's House Of Enchantment and is available in very limited quantities. Effect: Members of the audience write questions on slips of paper and the mentalist reads their thoughts. It’s that simple and direct. Take it on the stage tonight. Here is exactly what the audience sees: Slips of paper are randomly handed out. Anything may be written on the top half of the slip. The bottom half has a large number or symbol printed on it. After the audience writes a thought or question, the slip it is torn in half. Questions are collected by a third impartial volunteer. The questions are thoroughly mixed and placed face down in the box titled "Q" (questions). This box is shut and locked. Numbers and symbols are collected, mixed and placed in the second box with a "Star." The scene is set as mentalist begins. He removes a slip from the Star box explaining “We use numbers and symbols instead of people writing their name because some questions I’ve had in the past have been very personal. This way everyone is free to ask anything at all.” The mentalist proceeds to answer as many questions as he chooses (1 to 40) with exacting precision. The number and symbol slips are replaced in the Star box. The questions placed within the "Q" box are removed so the mentalist can check his accuracy. In each case he was correct. Members from the audience are free to agree, at any time, their questions were answered correctly. This is an entire act lasting a few minutes to over a quarter of an hour. Why spend upwards of $5,000.00 dollars or more on an electronic device that only provides you a few minutes of entertainment when Ment-O-Flex will fill time and work wonders for a fraction of the price? Why should you buy Ment-O-Flex? Here are seventeen good reasons: No stooges. No assistants are needed. This is a one man act. There is no explanation as to how you could know the answers to their questions. Ment-O-Flex is self contained. There is no carbon paper or NCR paper. No sleight of hand. Ment-O-Flex does all the work. No preparation is needed. No advance work. Does not use the “One a head system”. No secret or phony methods of gathering information. The audience simply writes thoughts on a single slip of paper. No wax, no threads, no electronics, no batteries. No fear of mid show failure. Ment-O-Flex can be repeated. There are no phony moves to give you away. No mirrors. No peeking. No points of reference to look at that appear unnatural. The tray and boxes always face the same direction. Nothing is ever covered. No codes to memorize. No cheat sheets to look at for clues or schedules. No duplicate papers, No extra lights are used to read the questions. We supply Ment-O-Flex and a number of sheets to write questions on. The paper is standard copy paper you can buy at any store, so a hundred years from now you can easily photo copy question sheets on your own. We also provide master sheets to use on any copier. The directions have been completely rewritten. Nothing is left out. Every question is covered. The tray is covered with a durable leather look fabric. Each box is 7 layer Swedish Birch plywood. The hardware is high polish and specifically selected for the effect. The tray is slim and trim. Special molding has been designed and manufactured specifically for this prop. Our latest version is much more deceptive then the original model. Ment-O-Flex is the answer to your mentalist needs. Whether you perform one show a year or five a day it’s always ready to go. No set-up time needed. All your attention is spent on performance and since there is no need to practice, it's always ready to go. Ment-O-Flex by Jay Leslie is the only authorized version on the market. See our web site for more details. $698.

138)            APPEARING BIRD CAGE. Merv Taylor. Acquired from a private collector in mint condition comes this original Merv Taylor Appearing Bird Cage! This perfect production item collapses and compresses into a very small size. With a snap of the wrist, it is made to instantly appear. Complete with Merv Taylor hallmark, hurry -- there's only one of these available, and when it's gone, it's gone forever! $195.

139)            GIANT AND THE DWARF. Merv Taylor. Manufactured by Merv Taylor for Jack Hughes, this private collectible is a one-of-a-kind "Taylor-made" item in near mint condition, and is sure to go fast! A dwarf is seen to be proudly sitting on top of his castle when a fierce looking 17 inch high giant makes his appearance. The giant not only says that he is about to take possession of the castle but he is also going to eat the dwarf for dinner! Upon hearing this the dwarf suddenly grows to a height of 24 inches and comes out to meet the giant who trembling with fear dodges the giant dwarf and runs into the castle to hide. However the magic castle causes the giant to shrink and as a climax the giant becomes even smaller than the dwarf was in the first place. The castle is shown empty before each transformation and is the perfect children show entertainer's trick! A showy and colourful effect designed in the fairy tale tradition. The figures are brightly finished and well made out of metal. A superb trick with a great plot that can be appreciated by children of all ages and is incredibly easy to perform. Recently acquired from a private collector, the Merv Taylor Giant Dwarf comes complete with everything you see detailed including complete instructions outlining the very patter needed to tell the tale of Dumpy the Dwarf. Remember, there is only one of these and it will go fast, so call toll-free 800-407-4040 to nab this before someone else does! See our web site for more details. $295.

140)            MICKEY MOUSE MYSTERY. Edwin Hooper. From the late Edwin Hooper of Supreme Magic of England fame comes this very rare one-of-a-kind treasure! Purchased from a private collection, this scarce, mint, and unused piece of magic is a classic! Performer displays a round metal tray which is then wrapped in newspaper. Performer then displays a silk screened 18" silk with a picture of Mickey Mouse upon it. After some comedy byplay, the silk vanishes and magically appears under the tray. Here's the surprise: The silk is now blank; Mickey has vanished! For the big finish, the tray is then lifted and unwrapped. Mickey is displayed inside the tray in all his glory! This VERY unique children's effect will be the hit of your next show. This is one of the hardest to find Supreme items around! You are supplied with the special clever tray, specially screened silks, and copy of Edwin's Magic Book Vol.2 that contains complete instructions for this trick as well as many other Supreme Magic Products. This book has been long out of print and originally sold for $35.00. Remember, this is a one-of-a-kind find. Don't wait and be disappointed when it disappears! See our web site for more details. $299.95.

141)            RNTII COMEDY PASSE PASSE BOTTLES. Just acquired from a private collector in mint condition. This great set of RNTII Comedy Passe Passe Bottles will enable you to perform the classic Passe Passe Bottle routine. Beautifully finished in unused/mint condition. Remember; there's only one, and when it's gone, it's gone for good, so act quickly before it's too late. $299.95.

142)            SCOTTY YORK LIGHTBULB. Ken Brooke's Ace Place Magic. Perfect for the collector and performer alike, this rare find from Ken Brooke's Ace Place Magic was acquired from a private collector! This is an absolutely incredible way to locate a spectator’s chosen card! The eerie feeling of the bulb illuminating in the spectator’s own hands is as commercial an effect as you could ever hope to achieve. Of course, when you cut the invisible wire with your scissors and the light goes out, your audience will be totally blown away! The Scotty York Lamp is perfect for close-up, trade shows, and can be adapted for living and dead tests, lie detector routines, and much more. This is a visual, mysterious, and sensational effect! Comes complete with specially prepared light bulb, gimmicked pack of cards, pair of scissors, battery, and superb routine. Remember, there's only one, so act now before some lucky person grabs it up! See our web site for more details. $295.

143)            SHEPPARD SUPREME VANISH. A truly deluxe version of this seemingly impossible livestock vanish. Two doves are placed into a chest, which is elevated from the tabletop via two cross-supports. In tried and true fashion, the chest is dismantled; one piece at a time and each piece is shown slowly on both sides. The livestock is gone. This utilizes a very unique and novel vanishing method… No tipping loads, no hanging bags, no body steals, no threads, no black art, no mirrors and no traps. May be worked in the hands of an assistant instead of on a table. Stunningly decorated in true Sheppard fashion, which rivals may of Okito's props. Very rare and mint. See our web site for more details. $245.

144)            SWORD BASKET ILLUSION. Here is a feature illusion that can be done anywhere ... even close up ... even surrounded by spectators. This specially-made basket is so small in appearance and so deceptive that it will fool the experts! The basket is made of woven wicker to resemble an Indian basket. All the extra paraphernalia - the swords, the spear, the cloth - will fit inside the basket. In fact, it's great for carrying the rest of your show. This illusion is small and lightweight - easy to carry; yet it is big in effect. The basket is freely shown. A girl is introduced and she steps into the basket. She tries to get down into the basket but has difficulty getting used to the smallness of the basket. A large type cloth is thrown over the girl and the performer manages to force the girl into the basket by pushing and shoving on the girl's head. The basket lid is put on as the cloth is removed. The cloth is bunched up and thrown into the air. The performer may even stomp the cloth - it is impossible for the girl to be hidden there. He now runs four swords through the lid and out each of the four sides of the basket, following this by plunging the spear down through the center of the lid and into the bottom of the basket. The swords and the spear are removed. The cloth is thrown over the basket and the lid and cloth are lifted together. They are both taken away, disclosing the girl. The cloth is again thrown over the girl and she is again forced into the basket. Then the performer steps into the basket. After stomping all about the inside of the basket the performer steps out and replaces the lid. This is most convincing. He now appears to see something off to one side and approaches the spot and drapes the cloth. A form is seen to appear under the cloth. The performer walks over to the basket and throws it into the basket. Suddenly the cloth moves and it rises higher and higher. Upon being thrown to one side, the cloth discloses the sensational reappearance of the girl. Remember; there's only one, and when it's gone, it's gone for good, so act quickly before it's too late. See our web site for more details. $995.

145)            TALKING TOBY JUG. Acquired from a private collector, this Talking Toby Jug will be the ultimate conversation piece! In the tradition of Len Insull, this Talking Toby Jug has all the features to make you grin from ear to ear. Made by Geoff Felix of England via hidden levers in the rear of the cup, you can cause the mouth to open and close and cause the eyes to move side to side! The quality and craftsmanship is superb and the Jug stands a full 8" high. There's only one of these beauties available, so get on the horn and grab it up before some other lucky fellow does! See our web site for more details. $1200.

146)            RAPPING HAND. THAYER. Original Thayer Rapping Hand, just acquired from a private collector, is in excellent condition! Contact the dead with this unique prop. A carved wooden lady's hand is shown and can be examined. A wooden plank board is also show and examined. The hand is placed atop the board, and held between the spectator's and performer's hands. The hand will rap and move forward, once for yes, twice for no and three times for uncertainty. Cleverly built, can withstand rigid scrutiny without fear of detection. One of the finest examples I have seen. True Thayer quality through and through. Remember, there's only one and when it's gone, it's gone, so act now before the spirits take it away... See our web site for more details. $1200.

147)            VANISHING AND REAPPEARING CANDLE. Thayer. Acquired from a private collector, this unique Thayer piece is quite the find! A tall wooden candlestick holding a candle stands 15" tall on stage. The magician lights the candle, and takes a newspaper, and wraps around the candle. The flame is clearly seen burning and extending from the rolled up newspaper. In an instant, the magician crumples the newspaper -- the candle has vanished. The candle can then be reproduced from the magician's jacket or anywhere you desire. In near mint condition, this vintage Thayer piece works perfectly and could be used in your act today or proudly displayed in your magic collection. Remember, there's only one, and when it's gone, it's gone for good, so act now before its too late. See our web site for more details. $395.

148)            THE UGLY DUCKLING. Supreme Magic. Long unavailable and just acquired from a private collector in excellent condition. The Ugly Duckling by Supreme Magic is a very rare find! This effect beautifully made in wood and finished in the high-class style that the Supreme Magic Co. was so famous for throughout the world. So much happens during this routine as you tell the story of the Ugly Duckling with a magical ending. Large colorful props and animated characters make this a routine that any children's performer would be proud to perform. Supplied complete with folding wooden lake, two ducklings, wooden stand, large break open egg, animated swan and Edwin Hooper's full laugh packed routine of the Ugly Duckling. Remember this has been unavailable for many years. Acquired from a private collector in mint condition. We only have one and when it's gone it's gone forever! See our web site for more details. $299.95.

149)            WAKELING AUTOMATON. A truly rare find and acquired from a private collector! This exquisite, hand-crafted animated figure is made of the finest materials, lovingly designed by the late Mr. Alan Wakeling. Mr. Wakeling has long been known and respected for his innovative approach to illusion design and construction. For many, many years, he also held a deep appreciation and respect for mechanical figures which performed magic in tandem with flesh-and-blood conjurers. His lovingly crafted creations adorn the homes of a select few, prestigious owners, and this is likely the only time one of his delicately engineered figures will be offered to the magic community. The hands, head and feet of the figure are custom-cast in durable, porcelain-like resin. The eyes are glass - painstakingly fitted from the inside. Other facial details are hand-painted and the wardrobe is fashioned from the finest satin and velvet. The "inner works" of both the automaton and the intricate table are hand-crafted from brass, and consist of an amazing series of cams, cables, springs and rods. The base upon which the automaton stands is covered in rich, blue velveteen trimmed with braid. The carrying handles on each side of base are solid antiqued brass. The music, which accompanies the figure’s performance, is provided by an original Rouge music box, imported from Switzerland. This automaton is of the hand-crank variety, and operates independently of the music box, which is discreetly mounted inside the base. The figure moves both arms and head, raising the cup to display an empty tabletop. The cup is lowered, and when lifted, a small blue ball has appeared. The small ball changes to a larger blue ball, which then changes into a clear, "crystal" ball. A set of duplicate balls is provided, allowing the magician to perform "in tandem" with the figure, if desired. For example, the performer may vanish one ball, and the automaton reveals it has magically reappeared under his cup. This is a masterpiece of engineering and a true treasure. Specifications: Overall Height: 31" Base: 8" high by 20" wide by 16" deep. Figure Height: 23" Total Weight: 34 lbs. Music: Original Rouge music box imported from Switzerland and plays Vivaldi’s "Spring" Song. Wind-up mechanism operates independently from the figure. Movements: Three changes under cup. Movement of automaton’s head and both arms. Manually operated to allow interaction between the figure and the performer, as preferred by Mr. Wakeling. Due to the delicate nature of this item, purchaser agrees to pay for special custom crating and overnight/ or expedited delivery service. See our web site for more details. $13,950.

150)            RARE OWEN CARD TRIMMER AND ROUNDER-MINT Condition. This is a very ultra rare Owen Item. An amazing set by Owen just acquired from a private collector in pristine mint condition. The trimmer is made in the style of the old time trimmers, the base is cast bronze and the fittings are of brass. There are plenty of adjustment options to ensure the perfect cut. The rounder also has a cast bronze base and includes an extra blade with a slightly different radius. The two pieces are presented in a custom hardwood box with the Owen Logo laser etching. Less than a dozen of these were ever manufactured making this a very rare item. Remember this was acquired from a private collector and when sold it's gone forever! Please see this item on our website in the Private/Estate product category. Price $5500.00

151)            SPIRIT DIAL BY JOHN MCKINVEN – Mint Condition. Very Rare! This is one of two ever made! Master craftsman, John McKinven, has designed one of the most elegant models of the Spirit Dial we have ever seen! Performer brings out a wooden case, opens it up to reveal an elegant, wooden stand. Next, a clear clock dial with Roman numerals is given to the spectator to hold. An ornate, silver pointer is then attached to the face of the dial, and the dial is placed on the stand. The dial is spun to show it spins freely. Now this is where this effect differs from any other Spirit Dials you have ever seen: One suggested routine would be to shake and roll a die, let's say the number that is rolled is 4. They are instructed to concentrate on the number they rolled. Slowly and mysteriously, the dial will turn by itself to the rolled number. Another suggested routine is a mathematical presentation wherein numbers can be added, subtracted, or multiplied, and the final total will be revealed mysteriously as the dial spins around the face to the correct number. These are just a couple of ways this unique prop can be used once you understand the operation. Countless other routines will become possible. In all my years, I've never seen a Spirit Dial that operated in this manner or of this quality. Perfect for the mentalist, bizarrist, or a beautiful centerpiece for the discriminating private collector. Please see this item on our website in the Private/Estate product category. Price $5500.00

152)            OWEN DENVER MINT MONEY MAKER – Near mint excellent condition. The principal of the money maker has been a very successful entertainment piece of magic for many decades. However never has there been one crafted with such painstaking care to detail and with such exquisite design. The effect of turning plain paper to genuine paper money by the turn of a crank is truly amazing. Each Denver Mint is crafted of fine exotic woods, hand formed brass gears and fittings, creating a magical masterpiece to grace the home of any connoisseur of fine craftsmanship. Acquired from a private collector and in excellent condition, there's only one, so grab it up now before it vanishes in a flash! Please see this item on our website in the Private/Estate product category. Price $850.00

153)            OWEN WONDER SCREEN. In mint condition. A large, three-fold screen is opened out and shown freely on both sides. Yet, when formed into a triangle, a huge production ensues (silks, livestock, etc.). Screen may be opened out and shown on both sides at any point during the production. This is NOT a jumbo version of Grant's Temple Screen. Only 3 panels. This screen is hallmarked on the inside of the load chamber. Made completely of select hardwoods, beautifully and artistically decorated in hard-finish lacquer. Total height is 32". Each panel is 16" wide. Very rare and now discontinued. Folds flat. Please see this item on our website in the Private/ Estate product category. Price $1495.00

154)            DARK WOODEN NEST OF BOXES – Good Condition. I really like these. They show considerable wear but this actually adds to their character. This is a set of 6 nested boxes finished in a cherry wood finish. These are very old and really look the part. Each box is locked shut with a skeleton key. These work perfectly and would be a great display piece in your collection or could be used in your act. Price $495.00

155)            ANTIQUE CARD CUTTER In perfect condition. This is a perfect example of a vintage card cutter. Perfect for the collector or can still be used today. Price $995.00

156)            PSY-KEY – Mint condition. Magic for the serious performer - experience real magic - the only key bending routine you will ever need! No switching - no covering - nothing added or taken away - at fingertips - this key really does visually bend! And the best part - after it has visually bent in front of your spectator's eyes - without any moves or switches as only one key is used - it can be handed out for thorough examination and nobody will be able to bend it back! The effect looks exactly how it sounds - you will not believe your eyes! You've heard of the self-bending fork - but who carries a fork? Perform the ultimate visual bend with an everyday object; everyone owns keys and everyone knows how solid they are! This is a real reputation maker - a knockout effect that will have your audience rubbing their eyes in disbelief! Psy-Key comes with a full instructional DVD and 2 routines: one for close-up and one for stand up. Price $350.00

157)            FORGETFUL FREDDIE.  Grant / MAK.  This is the BIG version of the kid classic and can really be seen from a distance.  Cute wooden cut-out of a young boy, whose head is removed and replaced with a balloon.  The head vanishes and BANG!  The balloon bursts and the head has returned.  Approx. 20” tall in an array of colors, packs flat.  Mint.  $110.

158)            FORGETFUL FREDDIE, ONE EYE.  Imported version of Forgetful Freddie…same size and design as the Grant / MAK models, but made of thinner wood stock with a different style release.  The removable head is missing an eyeball….easily replaced with stick-ons available at craft and hobby stores. $45.

159)            WESTGATE BOWL PRODUCTION.  Townhouse.  Show a crown-shaped box empty (it really is) and place it on a thin tray.  Produce several silks and finally a real glass bowl with water and goldfish.  Very clever method and rarely seen today.  With tray, box, and double-walled bowl, plus properly weighted plastic goldfish…although real fish may be used.  Rare and mint.  $125.

160)            DOVAN.  Custom.  Diabolically clever method for switching a live dove for a rubber bird within an open front, barred cage.  Maker unknown, but well made in black and white with gold stripe accents.  The switch is fast, silent and almost instantaneous.  With rubber dove.  Near mint.  $85.

161)            OTTO, THE CARD DUCK.  Ireland / Magic Inc.  An oldie but still a goodie.  Selected cards are plucked from Otto’s feed box by the large yellow wooden duck.  This guy has been around a while and could use some cosmetic touch-up, but he works fine mechanically.  Rare.  $75.

162)            GLOWING ACROBATIC CANE.  Germany.  Really nice version of the venerable prop…made of crystal-clear acrylic, silver knobs and ferrule, and fitted with a battery-operated light source allowing the cane to “glow” in an elegant, yet eerie, manner.  Perfectly weighted and mint.  $85.

163)            BEADED DOVE THROUGH GLASS.  Custom / Abbott.  Nice version in black and silver.  The usual center star trap has been replaced with vertical strands of shining silver beads for an elegant touch and actually makes the “pass through” much easier than most models.  Mechanically perfect and near mint.  $195.

164)            KAPERING KANDLES.  Roy Baker.  A lit candle is obscured by a two-fold screen.  Holding a cloth, the flame seems to rise from behind the screen and floats behind the cloth, descending behind a second screen where it comes to rest, igniting a second candle.  Very clever adaptation of several principles.  With two nicely decorated screens, two candleholders and the needed gimmicks.  Rare and long discontinued.  Near mint.  $55.

165)            CARD DUCK.  Hamilton.  The grand-daddy of card ducks from the renowned manufacturer.  Selected cards are plucked by the wooden duck from its feed box.  Shows a bit of age, but really not bad at all.  Works perfectly.  Rare and near mint.  $75.

166)            MULTICOLOR WAND.  Ickle Pickle.  Loose pieces of a candy-cane striped wand are dropped into a red velvet sleeve, which is inverted to reveal a complete, solid striped wand. Nice for kids, and a natural for the holidays due to the “candy cane” motif of the wand.  Mint.  $20.

167)            FLEXIBLE MIRROR.  Abbott.  Very nice version of the classic made famous by Doug Henning and others.  Mirror in frame is wrapped in newspaper and skewered with knives, bodkins, etc.  Finally, the entire frame (and mirror) is apparently bent in half.  The frame and glass survive intact.  Hardwood frame finished in black and gold lacquer.  Mint.  $65.

168)            RABBIT IN HAT SILK.  Tannen.   Patterned after the Davenport design, this is bright, bold and vivid.  36” and rare.  Near mint.  $30.

169)            SILK SWINDLE.  Arty Severtsen.  Similar to “Tri-Fli-Silk.  Three clear plastic tumblers mounted on a wooden base.  Each tumbler contains a silk… red, one white, one blue.  Without covering, the two end silks visibly change places.  An unexpected, novel idea loaded with patter possibilities.  Mint.  $45.

170)            GARTERS!  Mephisto-Huis.  A banner depicting a skirt and a shapely pair of ladies legs is held waist-high by a female audience member.  Card is selected and vanished, only to reappear held against one of the illustrated “legs” by a garter.  Naturally, the “skirt” on the banner must be lifted to reveal the garter and card!  A little naughty, but can pack a real punch in the right hands.  Female spectator has no idea how the trick works….very unusual and near mint.  $100.

171)            BATHING BEAUTY.   Supreme.  Why doesn’t anyone do this anymore?  Display a large cloth banner depicting a bathing beauty.  Fold the mat in half, reach in, and remove her beach robe.  Open the mat, and there she is….but now, not wearing her robe….only her bathing suit.  Fold the mat again and remove the bathing suit….now….you know what’s coming…..but NO!  Unfold the mat to show that the tide has come in and all that is seen is the young lady up to her shoulders in the foamy tide!  Great comedy possibilities, very visual, packs small and mint.  With rhyming patter story. $115.

172)            DOVE CHALET.  A near carbon-copy of Owen’s House of Java.  Finished in red, yellow and blue with brass hinges.  Similar to a silk cabby, but designed as a bird house and larger to accommodate a dove or other load of similar size.  Both sides and two top panels open allowing a clear view of the “empty” interior.  Mechanically perfect.  Mint.  $125.

173)            COLOR CUBE ESCAPE.  Very nice and larger than normal version of this great penetration effect.  Six blocks, each a different color, are placed in a chest and impaled within by a long wooden rod.  Holes in the top of the chest allow a clear view of the blocks inside.  Still, when two selected colors are announced, the blocks matching those colors fall free of the rod, having apparently penetrated the rod.  Mint.  $45.

174)            DRUMHEAD PRODUCTION.  Morrissey.  Production of silks from 5” diameter metal drum, elevated on pedestal stand.  Metal rings used to form drumhead.  Respectable size load for a prop of this size.  Spun aluminum.  Mint.  $25.

175)            THE VANISHING BANDANA.  An absolutely hysterical premise, in which the performer “accidently” misunderstands “bandana” for BANANA.  The “Trick of the Month” package arrives complete with audio CD of instructions.  The CD is actually played while the performer tries in vain to learn his great new trick.  Great comedy, well thought-out routine and timing and uses the most innocent looking of props….a cardboard box, a handkerchief, a CD and, of course, a banana or two.  (You supply the produce.)  Mint.  $35.

176)            CYLINDER OF PLENTY.  Ickle Pickle.  Novel method for appearances and vanishes.  Metal cylinder shown empty and may be examined.  Slide cylindrical metal cover over the empty cylinder and silks, etc. may appear.  Same may be done in reverse, with items placed within the cylinder vanishing.  Smooth, sure-fire pickup.  No clips to break.  Nicely made in satin finish aluminum.  Mint   $25.

177)            CONFETTI CUP AND SAUCER.  Morrissey.  A take-off of the P & L and Owen versions.  Pour liquid into a coffee cup on a saucer.  Toss the contents toward the audience and confetti or shavings shower forth instead of the liquid.  Cup and saucer are metal, but painted solid matte white to give the appearance of porcelain.  Mint.  $15.

178)            ELECTRONIC BLIZZARD EFX – 2000.  High tech unit which may be used with snowstorm routines or to animate practically any lightweight objects….confetti, tissue paper, foam peanuts, etc.  This is the operating unit only….purchaser will need to supply their own cartridges of compressed air or CO2 (available at sporting good stores) and the actual confetti or whatever is to be “blown away.”  Originally sold for over $1,000.00.  This unit is a bit used, but in great shape and fully operational.  Near mint.  $280.

179)            DELUXE BENGAL NET.  Grant.  Novel, miniature version of The Dizzy Limit illusion.  Doves, etc. placed into a folded net hung from a wooden header.  On command, the net falls open and the items within visibly vanish!  Really startling, as the sudden vanish is totally unexpected.  Wooden header is lacquer finished with Bengal tiger stenciling……vintage Grant.  One-hand release.  Now discontinued.  Near mint.  $55.

180)            LIE DETECTOR BOX.  European, Paul Picha.  WOW!  Have one or more cards selected and replaced in the deck.  Now, show a beautiful hardwood chest, approx. 6” x 3” x 2” high.  The chest has a slot in the top.  You announce that this is a new version of a magical lie detector.  One by one, cards are inserted into the slot, and then removed.  When the selected card (s) are inserted, a loud buzzing sound emanates from the chest….a not-so-subtle indication that the selected card (s) have been identified.  The chest is truly a woodworking work of art.  Finished in lush red mahogany with brass accents.  When not in use, would actually make a nice desktop or tabletop ornament.  No skill, battery operated and works like a charm.  Very, very rare and mint.  $250.

181)            ONE HAND CHANGE BAG.  Ickle Pickle.  A bit used, but in great shape.  One of the most versatile models of this classic prop ever made.  Flat, wooden handle….doesn’t look like you stole the collection bag from church.  Works like a charm…red velveteen with black satin interior.  Mint.  $55.

182)            MAHOGANY COPENETRO.  Not Kline, but certainly an acceptable version…in fact, if you didn’t know better, you’d think it was Kline’s.  Identical base design, glasses and method of operation.  .  Missing the coin vanishing stand and the “loading” tool, but this is easily made from a flat piece of metal, or use a tongue depressor or similar.  Works fine….fast and sure.  Mint.  $150.

183)            EUROPEAN COPENETRO.  Yet another version…..not quite as finely made as Kline’s, and base is finished in black lacquer instead of polished hardwood.  Still, works fine.  Base and glasses….no coin vanishing stand or “loading” tool, but this is easily made from a flat piece of metal, or use a tongue depressor or similar.  In perfect working order.  Mint.  $100.

184)            VISIBLE COINS IN GLASS.  Hughes / Abbott.  Same effect as Kline’s, but with a stepped-up base as designed by Hughes and executed by Abbotts.  With their version of the vanishing coin stand, shot glass, plastic tumbler and the loading gimmick.  Near mint.  $110.

185)            MIRROR BOX. Very nicely made…..deep blue lacquer with full-color rainbow design on front and top doors.  Better than average reflection and holds a large load…easily four doves or the equivalent.  Show the box empty and produce anything that fits….or use as a vanish.  Load capacity is actually half the size of the box itself, so it does hold a lot.  Mint.  $65.

186)            CLATTER BOX.  Imported wood version of this time-honored trick.  Entrust your volunteer to hold a small, tastefully decorated box.  Vanish a silk, claiming it will re-appear within the box.  When your volunteer tries to open the box, if disintegrates into several pieces which cascade to the floor….the vanished silk is discovered hanging from the top of the chest, still held by the startled volunteer.  Comedy, noise, audience participation and good magic….a rare combination.  Mint.  $60.

187)            FRAMED IN TIME.  The Trickery.  Nice version of the Owen / Thayer Hartz Card Frame.  One or more cards are selected and replaced in the deck.  Spectator tosses deck at empty, glass-fronted picture frame.  Wham!  The selections visibly appear in the frame, behind the glass.  No threads, springs, etc.  The actual action of the thrown deck hitting the frame triggers the release, which is fast and sure.  Can also be used with bills, business cards, photographs, etc.  Mint.  $160.

188)            WONDER FIRE BOWL.  Owen.  A gorgeous classic in spun brass now discontinued.  Brilliantly polished, 8” diameter bowl with self-igniting mechanism and spring – loaded flap for the visible appearance of spring flowers, doves, etc.  One of magic’s classics and this one made by the finest in the business.  Mint.  $250.

189)            SURROUNDED LIVESTOCK VANISH.  Abbott / Arturo.  A fast, angle-proof and easy way to vanish a bunny, doves, or whatever.  Simply open the lid of this nice, two-tone brown chest and drop in anything that will fit.  With no funny moves, simply turn the box over, revealing that it has no bottom and is now completely empty.  No drapes, false tables or body work.  Completely self-contained and may be done surrounded.  Mint.  $50.

190)            FLASH LIVESTOCK APPEARANCE.  MAK.  Large, open-fronted chest is clearly empty.  Instantly, and visibly, it fills with a large rabbit, doves, flowers, silks, etc.  Heavy-duty, well built chest finished in black, blue and gold lacquers.  Self-contained and angle proof.  No black art, no swinging or tipping loads.  Practical for many applications and near mint.  $100.

191)            MIRACLE CAGE VANISH.  Customized Abbott.  Someone, very wisely and very cleverly, took the standard Abbott vanishing dove cage and refined it so well that this new version is in a league of its own.  From the ground up…..the base is polished chrome, single upright with four black lacquered legs.  The “tabletop” has narrow white fringe added along the bottom edge, resulting in a very effective visualization of separation between cage and table.  And, once the cage vanishes, the tabletop looks incredibly thin compared to the standard model.  Inside the cage are grooved, padded sections to cushion the fall of the dove perch and also silence the four side bar sections as they swing into the top of the cage.  The foulard is exactly the right size and weight.  Operationally, this beauty works just as the standard model….no need for improvement.  Quite possibly unique and certainly scarce.  Mint.  $525.

192)            CARD IN BALLOON.  Imported version of Sedgehill’s.  Inexpensive and a bit more fragile than most versions, but works fine.  Balloon inflated and placed in chromed holder.  Selected card replaced in deck, which is placed on holder below balloon.  BANG…the balloon bursts and there is the selected card.  Mechanism is fast and dependable.  Near mint, in original box.  $35.

193)            RICE BOWLS.  Original Rings “n Things.  An amazingly beautiful set of heavy – gauge spun copper.  Bowls are 4” in diameter and polished to a high sheen.  Standard operation, although the “disk” in this version has been lathe-turned with a slight step which eliminates the possibility of prematurely slipping out of place.  And, this set comes with a matching copper and brass canister to hold the rice at the start of the routine.  These beauties certainly rival the best of Owen, Taylor and other master magical metal crafters.  Mint.  $125.

194)            STAGE SIZE MENTAL EPIC.  Abbott.  This is GIGANTIC….the slate is approx. 32” high and 44” wide, mounted on a heavy-duty metal upright.  Standard sliding top panel.  Very sturdy and lends itself to myriad possibilities that small versions just can’t deliver.  Quite possible a custom job.  This has been used in performance, but operates perfectly.  Very rare and near mint.  $150.

195)            VANISHING CHAMPAGNE BOTTLE.  Boretti.  Nicely made version in which a bottle of champagne is covered with a tube half its height, yet the bottle vanishes.  In original box, with nice plastic bottle that looks like the real thing, tube, foulard and instructions.  Mint.  $40.

196)            MENTAL EPIC.  Loftus.  Well made standard version of the Hen Fetsch classic.  You correctly predict the thoughts of three spectators by writing your thoughts on a chalk board before the selections are known.  A time-tested and practical application of the “one ahead” principle.  Mint.  $20.

197)            DOVES FROM AIR.  Owen.  This baby has seen some use by a professional dove worker, but still has many, many shows in it.  If you’re a purist, the netting should be replaced and one of the cage flaps should be recovered, and various small areas of the cage could use some black paint or a black marker.  The top and bottom edges of the cage have been re-done with thin mirrored plexi, which gives the unit a rich look and actually helps hide the depth of the cage.  Mechanically, all parts are fine and the dove fake works like a charm.  Lists new for $2,000.00 plus.  This unit only $425.

198)            IMPOSSIBLE RELEASE.  Jack Hughes.  This is an ORIGINAL; made by Hughes himself in the mid-1930’s and was a prominent part of his personal collection.  A large (4”) square wooden block may be examined by anyone, as well as a length of rope and a silk.  The block is threaded on the rope and covered with the silk.  Almost immediately, the block falls free from the rope and all may again be examined.  The gaffed, red wooden block defies detection.  In remarkably good shape for its age, there’s only one….there’s only ever been one….and this is it.  A true collector’s piece, still in fine performing condition.  Near mint.  $525.

199)            THE SNOWMAN.  Davenport / Demon.  Check this out.  Show a blue and silver tube empty, and then produce a load of white silks.  Sprinkle some “snow” into the tube, lift it, and there is a cute, fully 3-dimensional snowman nearly as tall as the tube itself.  The tube can then be handed for examination.  OK, it’s a phantom tube, and the “snowman” is the gimmick….get it?   A very cool idea and one of those props that is so unusual that it’s just worth having around to show folks the modus-operandi.  Overall in good shape….some paint chips on outer tube and on the snowman, but nothing major.  Chances are slim that another one of these in this condition will surface anytime soon.  Very good.  $75.

200)            PASSE PASSE BOTTLES.   Mysto.  Pre-P & L, this is the small set that was also included in various versions of  Mysto Magic Sets.  Two bottles with “Royal” labels, as used later by P & L.  Brown metal tubes and shot glasses.  This set shows its age with small paint chips, but is operationally fine.  Very scarce.  $20.

201)            LITTLE CLOWN.  Supreme.  Novel version of Forgetful Freddie…in this variation, it’s a tall, colorful wooden clown who loses his head.  A balloon is placed on the shoulders and BANG…the balloon bursts and the head is back.  Vivid, bright colors and large enough to be seen from a distance.  Mint.  $50.

202)            CUSTOMIZED DISECTO.  Larger than the standard Abbott model and uniquely decorated in yellow and red.  Gleaming chromed blade.  Arguably the best wrist chopper available.  Knife visibly slices through carrots above, below and beside the “victim’s” hand, which, of course, is unharmed.  Unique design and decoration.  Near mint.  $45.

203)            DRAGON TABLE BASE.  Possibly a limited run from U.F. Grant.  Very nice, heavy – duty and strong, with three cast metal dragons as feet and polished steel upright.  Not the usual plumbing pipe / screw into a flange arrangement.  The center shaft is 1” in diameter, and a solid threaded rod, 1” long and ½” diameter extends from the top end of the shaft.  Really very, very nice and certainly a collectible.  Mint.  $195.

204)            PLUMES / BOUQUETS FOR VANISHING CANES.  Imported.  Nice, 3-bloom bouquets on long stems with plenty of green foliage.  Easily fits into vanishing canes for visible cane to flowers / plume.  Mint.  $3 each or two for $5.

205)            MAGIC FLASHLIGHT.  Fantasio.  A vanished silk is discovered in a flashlight, replacing the batteries, which have vanished but re-appear elsewhere.  Mint.  $350.

206)            CHASE THE BLONDE.  Supreme.  Imagine a giant 3-card monte, but done with four cards…one of which depicts a sultry damsel…each of the other three cards depict a cop.  You get the idea.  Made in typical Supreme fashion on heavy card stock with all images in full, vibrant colors.  Near mint.  $45.

207)            DANCING BROOM.   Losander.  The expertly made broom with instructions and routines supplied on both VHS tape and DVD.  Made with the same fine attention to detail that has made Losander famous for his floating tables.  Near mint.  $95.

208)            JAPANESE SMOKING GLASS.  Gaffed pack of cigarettes which, when placed over the mouth of any glass, fills the glass with smoke.  Uses model train smoke fluid…a supply of which is included, along with the gaffed cigarette pack and other accessories.  One snag….the DVD instructions and printed directions are all in Japanese, but it’s not hard to figure out the workings….very basic operation but with killer possibilities.  Mint.  $75.

209)            ROCKET DIVINATION.  Somewhat similar to the P & L Patriotic Rockets...Three wooden shafts, one red, one yellow and one blue are freely displayed.  Performer is able to discern which color shaft is hidden within a sealed metal tube, thanks to weights hidden in different positions within each shaft.  Very scarce and near mint.  $75.

210)            HANK BALL.  Owen, possibly Thayer.  Nice turned hardwood ball, hollow to accommodate silk.  Red lacquered and expertly turned.  Mint.  $45.

211)            SCOTCH AND SODA.  Nice set of coins, Kennedy half and quarter, all in a plastic, snap-lid case that doubles as the needed “band ring.”  Mint.  $30.


$$$$$ TAKE IT FOR 10 $$$$$.  We need the space, so here’s a great assortment of effects priced to move at only $10 each.  All are complete, many in original packaging, with instructions as issued.


212)            DIZZY CHIPS DELUXE.  Per Clausen.

213)            PSYCHIC SHOPPER.  Mark Thorold / JB Magic

214)            RIBBON RINGS.  Supreme.

215)            CLASSIC COIN VANISHER. George Millward.

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